Enjoying the Moment at Aquarius Beach Resort | Misamis Oriental, Philippines

When life seems so overwhelming, vitamin sea always saves the day!


Lately, I have been so eager to visit the beach. I wanted to experience a wonderful feeling again that I could only feel whenever I'm at the beach. I wanted to listen to the calming sound of the waves. It seems like they are creating a wonderful melody in my ears. The sparkling waters never fail to entertain me as well so I get distracted by all the things that are roaming inside my mind. I also feel at peace whenever I'm surrounded by picturesque surroundings. Everything feels so perfect whenever I'm on the beach and I don't know why. Perhaps, the beach is just always there to help us unload all the heaviness that we are carrying in our hearts and it also serves as our friend in a different form whenever we feel sad.

By the way, last week, we went to a beach located in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental, Philippines and it's called Aquarius Beach Resort. The distance to the beach resort from our place would be around an hour. It's not that far compared to the beaches we used to visit before.

Honestly, Aquarius Beach Resort is our go-to beach especially when there are celebrations in our family. We love to stay here and celebrate birthdays or other events. Aquarius is not also like the other beaches. It doesn't have sparkling blue water, just the usual ones with dark sands. But what I love about this place is the memories that our family had ever since I was young.

The beach resort is like the usual resorts. There were accommodations for those who wanted to go overnight and there are also cottages. These cottages are not grand as well, just the usual ones for the customers to have a place to stay during their time in the resort.

There are also coconut trees around. I believe that coconuts give life to every beach resort. Whenever they are present, the result would indeed have a great ambiance.

Talking about the beach, the water looks great. I was so happy to see the sea after a long time. It felt so satisfying to finally meet the beach after a long time. I also love listening to the waves. Although at that time, the sun never showed up yet when we arrived, the view of the sea alone and the waves gave a great feeling to my heart.

As I stared at the horizon, I remember my experience back then when we had our visit to the beach resort. I was only young back then, around 5 years old. When we arrived at that time, I was so excited to take a bath and so I went to the beach on my own. I enjoyed the moment for a few minutes, but after a while, the waves started to get stronger and pulled me away. I will never forget that moment since I thought that time that I will get drowned already, but good thing that Tito saved me. It was a big relief. I remember not swimming after that moment.

I enjoyed going to the beach and soaking my feet. It feels so refreshing! After an hour of traveling, the waters seem to wipe all my tiredness away. I can't help but felt so grateful for that moment. I also took a photo of the waves and the result was amazing. How wonderful it is that God has made such a breathtaking masterpiece as the sea.

Moments after that, my nephew invited we will swim on the beach already. I then agreed with him and from that moment we swam on the beach together with my cousins. I never get to take a photo during that time because I charged my phone afterward. But the time that we spent swimming was sure fun. I played with my nephew and cousin a couple of games while we were on the beach.

When it reached 3 in the afternoon, the sun started to show up. I was so excited that time since I can't help to see the sunset. Moreover, I always look forward to the sunset whenever I visit the beach. I just love to stare at the sunset and enjoy the moment feeling the calm ambiance.

I took a panorama of the surrounding when the sun was about to set. I loved it so much! Look how calming and breathtaking the surrounding was. I even enjoyed looking at the people trying to catch small fish around and even just trying to chill at that time. I could see that people loved the ambiance as well a lot.


That's all I could say after witnessing the view. I don't know if it's just me, but during sunset time, that's when I feel like my emotions calm as well. It's when I could say that serenity will then be served to everyone. It's the time of the day when nothing will bother your mind and heart, but peace. This is also the time when the waves start to be in a calm manner, too.

Now here are some shots of the clear waters too.

As I was staying on the seaside, I remember back when I was young that we used to get small seashells here, I mean those small creatures with shells that were alive. I just wonder now that they seem to be hidden at that time. I can't even see a lot of small crabs around. I wonder what happened, maybe they never showed up for some reason and I wonder what that be. I just hope that things are better and they were not harmed.

A heart sign with the sun. Although it never heart-signed back because it's impossible, I know the sun loved being around too.

By the way, here are some photos I had during sunset time:

Before we left the place, I took some details around the beach. I also met a dog that's so friendly. I love everything there.

Overall, our stay around Aquarius Beach Resort was a great one. I enjoyed the view and the time I spent with my family as well. I can't wait for another moment at the beach soon, hopefully. What a great day that was!

As we went home, we carry the wonderful memories we created there.

Disclaimer: All photos are my own.

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