A Mooch around Carsington Water Reservoir

We went for a walk around Carsington Water Reservoir.
It was an interesting walk as there was a lot of wildlife to see. It is also ideal for cycling, horse riding, bird watching, jogging and having picnics in the summer, as well as participating in water sports.

We spotted some diving ducks called goldeneye. It sounds like a character from a James Bond film. The males are black and white and have a greenish black head with a round white patch near their yellow eye.

Females are smaller, mottled grey and a brown head.

There are a lot of bird feeders and tables around the reservoir. Goldfinches are regular visitors.

There are a few wind turbines nearby that turn wind energy into electricity. The downside is that they can be harmful to wildlife killing thousands of birds each year. Source

After a circular walk, we decided to call it a day as a dark cloud appeared. Sadly, still no sign of snow.

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