Touring the incredible India (X): Mumbai, city of contrasts

Tenth chapter: Mumbai, city of contrasts

After a magical boat ride through a dreamy lake and a fairytale palace, we drastically change the scenery. From the white pearl, from Udaipur we traveled by plane to the big city, we landed in Mumbai or also called Bombay. There everything was then different, many contrasts. And this is a quick overview.


Here the first thing you notice is the fast pace, the crowds and the traffic. In a city of more than 12 million souls, it seems that there is not enough space for so many vehicles and people on its streets. Streets full of posters, advertising, signs, cars, motorcycles, carts, rickshaws and those emblematic and super decorated black and yellow taxis.




In one of those taxis we traveled great distances from this great city. We enjoy different views, such as crossing the bridge, seeing unexpected areas full of skyscrapers, because the financial city of Mumbai is growing at a good pace. India, one of the emerging countries or so the BRICS have been called, large and powerful countries that do not plan to be left behind in the economy of this already so globalized world.



We also take advantage of the night, when it seems that a little more tranquility reigns, but life continues at night too, at the same bustling tone. Finding people everywhere, even on the beaches, where there seems to be more life in the dark than during the day. Lights, flares, people sitting talking looking at I don't know if the dark sea that can barely be seen, other sellers of drinks and trinkets, in a place that seems not to belong to the world of before.


A totally urban environment, groups of people with plans enjoy the nightlife, and asking we end up in a local, to drink something, with modern music, with people of different styles, modern dresses in combination with the local, with a special touch. But in the disco everything is the same, I think, wherever you go.

And we arrive at the heart of the city, at the most characteristic area... the Indian Gate, like a triumphal arch built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary of Bombay, points us to and reminds us of another era of English occupation.



As well as the Victoria Station or Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, in a European architectural style that stands out in its surroundings, along with an imposing hotel called the Taj Mahal Palace, with its iconic facade, and its large size.
Also in this area we can see the boats and ferries for Elephanta islands...





We continue to walk the streets, seeing and almost living those contrasts, infinite slums in suburbs that grow wide and full of poverty, people who wander, colored fabrics... and on the other hand, buildings that grow upwards, golden luxuries, restaurants spectacular different cuisines, and the beach again. During the day just some people shared the space of sand with some crows and some garbage too.


And we found too peaceful gardens, where groups of children and women in particular, enjoy a pleasant afternoon in a very natural and green setting that stands out in the urban chaos, and from there we saw again the Indian Sea that surrounds this immense city.





Despite the stress and a feeling of even more oppressive heat, the accelerated pace of everything, the endless traffic jams, we realize that in any part of this incredible city, the sunset arrives and with it a certain calm, an image that contrasts with everything that is lived around and also infuses us here with the peace that we need.




With that peace we had to leave, running a lot, thinking about the traffic again so as not to miss the plane, because we returned to the capital to see even more things that we were missing... soon, more.

Thanks so much for reading. Soon the next stop... Have an incredible day!


The text is mine and the photos are mine too ©Duvinca

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