Touring the incredible India (VIII): Udaipur, the white pearl

Eighth chapter: Udaipur, the white pearl

And we continue the journey, from the pink city to the white pearl. We went from a city with large and imposing buildings, with forts and walls to a city of magical charm. A delicate, romantic, dreamy city. And white. This is Udaipur.

It is called the white pearl, the city of lakes, or the Venice of the East, because of the sensation it conveys. It is possibly one of the places that most attracts our attention because it is different from others, the essence of India is there, but it is not as we imagine it to be, or as we see when we visit many other cities. For me, it is the most beautiful, it is special.




The views of its various lakes, specifically Lake Pichola... in this area a series of artificial lakes were formed from which the perspective makes you teleport to an ancient live legend. The white buildings around and even floating on its waters make it a fanciful and elegant enclave. It seems that everything leads to there, that's where our eyes go.


As in other cities, here we also find the City Palace, built in 1559 by Majarana Udai Singh II, with its beautiful architecture very appropriate to the style of the place that we might have in mind. Always making an appearance the elephant, that goddess Ganesha so loved and revered by millions of citizens of this incredible country.





Any detail requires my attention, everything is genuine, as well as calm. Unlike many other cities, here you don't feel the hustle and bustle of the crowd, or the traffic, or other noises, or even chaos. You feel a peaceful atmosphere, a pleasant feeling just walking through streets and corners. Even on the Gangau Ghat boardwalk where they wash their clothes, everything is leisurely, harmonious, and very peaceful.





You will only notice the presence of so many children who follow you with curiosity, who ask you questions and who answer you with a mischievous smile asking you to give them something... you realize their talent when speaking, telling you things and handling languages ​​for their tender age. It will be that the need stimulates the skills, it's sad they weren't at school. But I will always remember those funny words that they kept saying as soon as they knew where we were from... "Hola, hola, caracola" (It means: Hello, hello, conch) and they kept waiting for me to answer them, and I already knew that I should answer, it seems that it was already a kind of habit, so he would humorously reply, “Mira, mira, Cachemira" (It means: Look, look, Kashmir).
The reason for these words I do not know, but they were phrases that I was listening to and repeating in many of the walks through the streets of India.

Even at night, when you could see almost more people, you didn't get a feeling of a crowd and a lot of merriment, although they did gather near the Jagdish temple. And as it should be, we met the goddess Ganesha again, while a spontaneous guide told us ancient stories of more than those thousands of gods that they have, and that apparently were shown in those decorations of such an important monument. Walls full of art and thousands of symbols, figures, history, religion and legends.





And we cannot forget those views or the lake… especially beautiful and inspiring at sunset. A moment of absolute silence in the midst of a wonder. A beautiful landscape, two jewels that remain unchanged in the water despite the passing of the boats. On the one hand, on Jag Niwas Island, a palace, Lake Palace that became a luxury hotel and where a famous James Bond movie has been shot. And on the other, on Jag Mandir Island, another palace with the same name, the place that I loved the most. Here we go, in the next article...




Thanks so much for reading. Soon the next stop... Have an incredible day!


The text is mine and the photos are mine too ©Duvinca

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