Touring the incredible India (VII): the Amber Fort

Seventh chapter: the Amber Fort

Previously I commented that I had forgotten a place, a special visited place, and I wanted to share it with you too. Then we discover the pink city, Jaipur, we visit its most emblematic places, the City Palace, a place of curious monuments, another palace, a museum, and the bazaar area among others. But one was missing.

You cannot leave Jaipur without going out to the surrounding area, renting a rickshaw, those decorated motorcycle taxis that after negotiating with the driver will take you anywhere, especially to these well-known and popular places.

So we started a new way north, towards Amber Fort, the one that had been mentioned so much before, so it was an unmissable visit, and it was.


Before arriving, you already find several wonderful places that in no way detract from what we had planned to see up there on the mountain. As soon as you leave the crowded city you find a small haven of peace, a small lake like from another era, a small dream palace that continues to float there in front of all the passing travelers.
It is called Jal Mahal, its name says it all... "water palace" that floats almost magically on the Man Sagar lake, a fairytale place built by maharajahs centuries ago.


And on the other side of the road we see elephants and camels, as if waiting to start a journey to who knows where. But they are really there prepared for tourists since the entire area that includes the city, the lake, and several forts is becoming an increasingly important tourist space. What happens is that I am not in favor of animal exploitation for these issues, to simply walk abroad in exchange for a few rupees. We continue in our taxi, and we continue our route.


Before reaching the Amber Fort, there are other forts, a strategic area from another time and in which all those vestiges of another way of life have remained. So we made our first stop at the Jaigarh Fort from where we could see part of the city, the lake and all that special orography. I was wondering as I looked, where are we?



As we walked through it, appreciating its walls, and especially that imposing canyon full of powerful and significant symbols. A lot of history contained in all that space.




Finally we go from one complex to another to get to Amber Fort, which is part of that whole network of forts, since there are two others that we would have to go to as well, but the lack of time to stay in that whole area makes it difficult. did impossibly unfortunately. But the Amber Fort is not only a fort, it is also a great palace surrounded by beautiful geometric gardens giving the space a serene and peaceful air, even though it is built between the walls of the mountains. Once again we enjoy the Mughal architectural style, its filigree and flourishes, its decorated rooms and also the views from its walls.








There is no time for more, after exploring these vast lands and surprising us with so many wonders, we had to think about leaving the fortified ancestral landscape witness to who knows how many avatars and different stories over the years. On trips you always have to start again, there is always another destination that we need to visit or discover until time runs out... and we still have more beautiful and incredible places left. Lets go for the next one!

Thanks so much for reading. Soon the next stop... Have an incredible day!


The text is mine and the photos are mine too ©Duvinca

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