Touring the incredible India (V): Jama Masjid

Fifth chapter: back to Delhi, Jama Masjid

After the wonderful visit to the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort and the Akbar's tomb let's continue our tour, returning again to the capital, Delhi, and also returning to another impressive monument that was built by the same Mughal emperor who built the Taj Mahal.

He also built a great mosque, called Jama Masjid, an unmissable visit, an architectural complex of reddish stone like the Agra Fort, as another monument that we will go to see that before entering catches our attention.



In the heart of the city, in the neighborhood of Old Delhi, we approach, it is impossible not to realize where it is, and around a host of sensations. We are leaving the crowd, the hubbub and the noise to change the environment, an atmosphere of spiritual calm among the surrounding bustle.

There are people, but much less, but of all kinds and all circumstances, perhaps many of you understand me if you have walked there. And under the unusual layer of clouds, on a very gray day, colors and smells surround us. I also end up wrapped in a colorful blue dress, like a long jacket that all of us who enter, particularly tourists, must wear, women. It is a mosque, a Muslim temple.


A large esplanade, classic architecture in this type of religious building, but bigger, everything here is of another size, or we also see it from another perspective.


And you have to pay extra to go up to the minaret, a small tower on one side, from where we can see everything. It's crowded, from top to bottom, many people go down and we try to go up more, the steps spiral, narrower and narrower, it's hot, it's very humid, and with that blanket above me... I decide to leave it, go back and leave , I need to breathe. I felt claustrophobic, too little space for so many people, and that staircase seemed endless, I was about to get there, but it wasn't worth having a hard time.


I preferred to feel the wind, and see the clouds pass from one of the walls, see the panorama, not only inside where the believers began their habit of praying, but also outside, towards the trees and towards other streets.


I thought that I still had many busy and curious streets to discover, I still had to walk, try new things, get carried away and be fascinated by many other wonderful and stimulant places full of people, sounds, colors and scents. Also clouds during these days.



Because the trip did not end, there were still many fascinating places to see in the city and also in other cities. We continue the journey, the discovery and the amazement... and in the next chapter we travel by train to another incredible and beautiful city.

Thanks so much for reading. Soon another city... Have an incredible day!


The text is mine and the photos are mine too ©Duvinca

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