Touring the incredible India (I): first days in Delhi

First chapter: India Gate

India, that magical place, thousands of years of wisdom, cultures, monuments, palaces, gardens, food, in a unique and special environment that does not leave us indifferent. An impact of colors, smells and flavors, an avalanche of people and a challenge for the senses. This is the incredible India.

And there is so much to tell, so much to see and photograph, between old cars and typical rickshaws or taxis, while you haggle over prices and dodge people through the narrow streets of old areas, while we try to get used to the frenetic pace of traffic and a different reality.

In my incredible route I start with the capital, Delhi, and not with the most emblematic tourist places that we all know, that will be in a later article, everything will come. Today I start from the beginning... at the India Gate.


This great construction of 42 meters high reminds us of a triumphal arch, and it is. Built in tribute to all the fallen soldiers during the Afghan Wars and in the First World War.


And just as if they were the Champs Elysées in Paris, in front of the monument we have an impressive boulevard flanked by large palaces and public and administrative buildings, including the official residence of the president of India, some ministries and even the country's parliament.




It is not the most spectacular setting that we will find in this immense and colorful country because in some way it stands out for the opposite: for the monochrome aspect, everything in earth color and the asphalt. Only the green rickshaws (the small motorcycle taxis that fill the streets of the city) add a touch of color to the entire panorama.

A giant esplanade, immense, as immense as the country is. Without any crowding, another contrast. Accustomed to thinking of crowded streets and impossible traffic, here we find the greatest tranquility imaginable.


In the distance there is a fountain and trees, there is also some green when we look beyond. Nor does the gray day give much more splendor to the area, which remains silent, only a few people, perhaps officials or soldiers pass by, and nearby also some persons sell shiny vegetables on a sidewalk, as in an improvised flea market stall.


After admiring the architecture and imagining massive military parades, tributes, Gandhi's funeral, for example, presidential speeches or other national celebrations, we got back in the taxi heading to the next destination, a new stop in the Indian capital. Much remains to be seen...

Thanks so much for reading. Soon there will be more...


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