The Forest and the Castle of Chapultepec (Mexico III)

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We return to explore a great city, again we discover other interesting emblematic corners of the capital of Mexico, so we return to Mexico City to continue visiting more important areas.

And this time again on another cloudy and very gray day, unfortunately, we focused on a different one, an open and green space in the middle of the city, it seems that we escaped the hustle and bustle of such a populated city by entering a forest, it is an immense urban park with large trees that will make us feel that we have changed places, where are we? This is the Forest of Chapultepec.

The Forest of Chapultepec

A forest that is a park, with a zoo, lake, flowers but with much more.

We get lost among the trees to end up discovering beautiful palatial statues and other monuments that are at least surprising, such as the tribute to Gandhi, with his own pacifist words on large vertical slabs that I have translated here:

“Nonviolence has reached men and will remain. She is the announcer of peace in the world.” / “Our struggle has as its purpose friendship with the entire world.”

But there are more statues and more imposing columns, like those of the Altar to the Homeland that surprise us almost at every step.

We continue walking until we find a paved path that guides us, taking us to another essential and important place, the Castle of Chapultepec.

The Castle of Chapultepec

Our feeling is that it seems that we are in one of those 19th century European castles, only the large flags of Mexico tells us that we are in a different place. But until the 19th century, Mexico was different, and here we can witness a little of that adorned wealth that they also enjoyed. And some of all this is still here.

Because a large and detailed beautiful wrought fence welcomes us, and we enter a large patio, with stairs and a fountain from where we can see the views. It seems that we are immersed in a green tide of leafy trees, but we are in the city, because some modern buildings appear and we return to where we really are.

We are in a castle in the middle of an urban forest within Mexico City. A castle that contains, in addition to beautiful architecture, a lot of history, in fact the National Museum of History is located there inside and we took the opportunity to enter and see those incredible rooms from another time.

Another leap of reality that now seems to take us to a royal palace, as if we were walking through those decorated red velvet rooms of Versailles, with thousands of golden details, scrolls and candelabras, and thousands of decorative elements that have remained for centuries. It's something we didn't expect to visit here, but we like places to surprise us.

The history of the country is also reflected, where there was also royalty, chandeliers and a carriage like this one, a beauty that stands out among so many things we can see here, even with backlighting or almost without it.

We make leaps in the story just as we feel strange when going from the city to a forest, but we have to go outside again to return there, to the movement and rhythm of the street. Before we go back to enjoy the views, and we see a large avenue, in fact one of the longest in the world, Reforma Avenue, which we also have to discover and to walk, right? There is much to see and Mexico City will surprise us again.

We will go there soon...

Ciudad de México, Mexico 🇲🇽❤️ America

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