Tepoztlan: the mountain of the gods (Mexico I)

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We start a new week and start a new journey, a long journey that will take us through different places in… Mexico! Yes, a great country, with a lot to see and discover, and now instead of starting with the capital we begin with almost the first town that I visited in depth when I arrived, Tepoztlán.

It is a city not far from Mexico City, the capital, and of great tourist interest. The pity was the weather, very cloudy and very little light, bad for taking pictures and also a lot of humidity, so it was perhaps not the best time. But it doesn't matter because we got what we didn't expect, climbing a mountain and discovering a temple, an ancient pyramid!

Because Tepoztlán is known for its pre-Columbian archaeological remains, and above there is a temple or what remains, a pyramid like others known in other places that we will visit, but smaller as it is in an almost inaccessible place and more in ruins, but equally fascinating .

What was not so exciting was the arrival. We traveled from the capital in an old bus that dropped us off in the town, and from there we walked towards the main streets crowded with local people and tourists, many, many tourists, despite the dark day it was.





A blurry photo is taken in a hurry because many of us couldn't be entertained, we saw a colonial-style church, which in this country stands out for the black and dark stone of its materials, and we headed for the mountain.


At the base I discovered that the ascent was not going to be easy or short, it was a couple of hours of steep ascent and I was already reading signs actually warning that some people had to take it with patience and care. That's why throughout the climb we saw people sitting around the path on a large stone or lookout to rest, because it was hard and because the humidity and so much sweat made everything more complicated.


The last section was the worst, I was so tired of climbing stones that I didn't even think about taking photos and the end of the path instead of relief was even narrower and steeper, you have to come prepared and almost trained.

But we reached the top, there we were able to catch our breath and enjoy the views and above all the artistic remains of the past, we were even able to sit there at the top on those same rocks, well in a permitted part, where everyone did , because it is an exhausting journey.




Then we approach all those engraved stones, from those advanced and brutal civilizations, would they have made sacrifices to the gods there? They say that the pyramid was erected in favor of one of their gods.



A sacred mountain that is worth visiting despite the effort to get there, but then you had to go down and it was almost worse because you had to slow down to avoid slipping and falling down. The walk became even longer, and my leg muscles trembled as we began to sweat again. We made some stops to breathe and drink water, if you are going to go always carry water, it is very important. And in the end we returned to the village.


We had to regain our strength, and the good news is that there were many good places to eat, we chose one that seemed to be very popular there and indeed, a lot of people, a good atmosphere and excellent typical Mexican food.


I really liked the cheerful decoration of the main room where we discovered the autographs of well-known personalities, such as the Mexican actress Salma Hayek.




So, after the mountain of the gods, we returned to the life of mortals, to eat well and regain strength because there is still a lot of Mexico to explore, discover and share here. Because "like Mexico there are not two":


See you soon wey!

Tepoztlán, Mexico ❤️ America

The text is totally mine and the photos too, by ©Duvinca


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