Cebu Safari Adventure (Part 3): The Gardens

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This is the final part of the Cebu Safari Adventure series where we took our 7-year-old daughter to a 170-hectare zoological park as a surprise. The property is sprawled on the hills of Carmen, an hour and a half drive away from Cebu City, south of the Philippines.

Here are the previous parts of the series:

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The first part covers the booking information, park history, schedule, facilities, and safari tour packages while the second part narrates the various animal trails in the park.

Here's a short Youtube video of how the surprise day trip went inside this world-class property.

Gardens of the World

Perfect for nature seekers and gardening enthusiasts, Gardens of the World will take you through a botanical tunnel that showcases different species of plants from around the world.

It was classified and organized according to different continents. The trail starts in the North American section which features a large collection of cacti and succulents.

The European area features Roman Tuscan Columns and Statues with a small secret rendez-vous area where one is invited to take a small pause and admire the aquarium.

There was construction happening behind this trellised area and it would be a brilliant idea to create an outdoor coffee shop in my opinion in this space. Imagine enjoying a nice cup of cappuccino surrounded by this beautiful flora.

The Asian Area features ferns that grow in tropical and subtropical climates. It was humid but the landscape and shade the garden offered was a welcoming treat. I could just visualize plantsmen - plantitos and plantitas would go crazy and ecstatic at the sight of these!

At the end of this trail was a botanical garden where some tourists took pleasure in taking lots of photographs of themselves.

There was also a massive Koi pond.

What was impressive as well were the terraced gardens and a miniature version of Iguazu Falls in South America.

Michel's Garden

If we were awed by the terraced gardens, we felt even more awe-struck when this walking trail took us to enjoy a vast field of one million orchids.

According to their website, it's Michel Lhuillier's 40-year-old collection of orchids. I don't know much about orchids but different species could be found here.

Plants here are available for purchase.

My Takeaway

If you happen to be on a long-stay vacation in Cebu, Philippines or you're a resident craving for an escape from all of your work stresses, it's definitely worth the trip. If you follow certain hidden trails you might find Cinderella's carriage tucked away somewhere.

It's great for families and educational for both kids and adults.

Health and safety measures are in place here. Being out in nature boosts the immune system so it'll benefit families to breathe in fresh air and forest-bathe as opposed to being stuck inside the apartment the whole weekend.

It is also effective in creating awareness in the preservation of the environment and to instill an appreciation for flora and fauna. I like the idea of the visitors being caged, for a change, in order to see the animals that reside in this 170-hectare park.

Would we ever return? Perhaps. We might also try booking an overnight stay in the park next time. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this destination.

Thank you for reading!

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