High tide

A small walk along the seashore di plima on the sidewalk takes place that walking is difficult because winter is approaching

the streets are deserted and the houses are wet because the tide is coming in, and some people are knocking on their doors

for many people, it is easy to sit in the house, it is difficult because the light waves are rippling on the floor

the water is quite high and it's good that the waves are not bigger because the wind is not blowing

and does not cause more harm to people

its beauty is accompanied by the murmur of gas as small waves make it

wave after wave is being prepared

to decorate the pavement

a little decoration with olives in vases

this street is beautiful, the water breaks through at the end

the boat can easily be parked next to the anchor...

...quite a lot of water gushes out of the floor

the seagull enjoys that small natural jacuzzi spring

The fish is left without meat and its skeleton adorns the environment in a very romantic way, true fishing romance

The sea is breaking through

and he lifts the paved bricks like cubes

no children's games

so the seagulls are enjoying themselves in the distance in the meadow

the sea rolls and creates waves

the shadows are wet,,,

empty houses,,,

and some cats dry their wet asses on the chair.

Some ships are floating, these are sweating to greet yours from the town of Fazana

And this is the end of a small warm-cold winter accompanied by the Sea Tide for you on HIVE to see how it looks with my work, photo text and of course until the next adventure .


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