Loch Raven Reservoir Beach

Today, I'll be showing you an area of the Loch Raven Resevoir Beach on Loch Raven Drive in Baltimore County, Maryland. This is the area by Morgan Mill Road.



I've seen the trail that goes to this part of Loch Raven Reservoir Beach but had never explored it because the trail was overgrown in places and I always thought that it ended shortly within the brush but I, along with my husband, decided to see where it led and I'm happy we decided to explore it a little further.


The trail was only overgrown in spots so we had to duck under some foliage and trees here and there as well as walk sideways in just a couple of spots. In this photo you can see why I may have been hesitant to venture forward on this trail but I'm happy to say that it was worth it!


At one point the trail opened up into a small clearing which was very pretty especially with the way the sunlight was shining in through the trees.


The trail also led into an area with some nice boulders and rocks which I wrote a post about previously for #bouldersunday. Then it led us back out towards the water's edge and offered us some different scenic views of Loch Raven Reservoir.




These Multiflora Rose flowers growing by the water were especially pretty as were some other flowers that I saw along the trail.



The Brood X Cicadas were making their appearance and I found quite a few Cicada husks on leaves, branches and even blades of grass. These are the periodical Cicadas that emerge from the ground every seventeen years. Luckily, they hadn't yet fully emerged in great numbers.


We enjoyed the views from the waters edge a little while and even found a spot where we could sit and have a little picnic should we decide to make a return visit.



What started as a slight detour off our normal trail unto this part of the trail turned into an hour long excursion but it was time to head back as it was getting later in the afternoon. We saw that the trail continued out towards the street and decided to take that way out. It was shorter and gave us a chance to see a little more of nature along the trail. We had to duck under this big tree that was covered in mushrooms (and a little "flare").



I like when I get to see and photograph some interesting looking bugs like these two beetles.


I also saw more Cicada husks and a Cicada or two or a bunch. The Brood X (seventeen year) Cicadas have red eyes and a darker body than the annual Cicadas that come out every summer.



Here is a patch of some frilly ferns I found along the trail.


Before long we were back on Loch Raven Drive and only a short distance from where we parked. I'm glad we took this way out because we had no idea that we could access this trail from the street. Definitely, good to know though should we pack a lunch and decide to return for another visit! 💖


Thank you to everyone @haveyoubeenhere!
Thanks @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk!
All photos and text by me @deerjay. All rights reserved.


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