Beautiful landscape in a small town - Lhokseumawe city

I was invited by my friend go to around the small town where he lives. His address is in the village of Mon Geudong, Banda Sakti sub-district, Aceh, Indonesia. Right on that day the weather was very good and the beautiful scenery made me take my android phone to take pictures of the scenery here.


Afternoon sunset with blue sky covered with clouds


Landscape of Cafe Shop


Stone arrangement to prevent abrasion in the reservoir

I continued walking and around the city that afternoon to see what natural areas this city has, I was amazed by this place which left its enchanting scenic beauty so that it made me comfortable and at home to walk around in this small town village.

I used to come here often to play and visit my friend's house, my reason for playing was when I was a child. At that time I did not understand about scenery, photography, beauty and the like. and now I can conclude that this is a gift for us to enjoy and must be guarded against.




At here also has a place to relax while enjoying the reservoir which has a beautiful view. me and my friend ordered a cup of hot coffee and snacks which they sell to guests who visit this place.

The right and comfortable time to enjoy the scenery is in the afternoon, that's what my friend said. Then I asked him if morning and night how the scenery was, he replied, when in the morning here too many vehicles pass on the road and make you uncomfortable with the sound of the vehicle, well then, what about during the day? Then my friend replied, when during the day the weather here is very hot it will interfere with vision, then I asked again, what about at night, he replied, at night you will not see anything here, there is only darkness and silence.




Right in front of me sitting, I can see the urban scenery of this village which is far from my sight, my gaze is not on the city, I just enjoy the things that live around me. whether it's plants, trees, sea water, the chirping of birds flying.


The night began to show itself, so I had to go home and pack up to get some rest, tonight I'm staying at my friend's house, the place is not far from this location.

That's all I can tell you briefly about my experience when I was in this small town village of Lhokseumawe.

Photo by @dayatsiaulia
If you can't understand what I wrote, you'll know, I'm not good at using English. Hopefully the photography that I show can tell a story 😁


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