The Importance of Nature in Global Warming

Hello all friends, I came here eager to participate in this best community. By the way, how are you all, I think you all had a great time..

Today I will tell you a little about reforestation or tree planting. As a conservation organization that cares about nature, I participate in the reforestation event held at CRU Sampoiniet, this is a very important activity for us humans..

This tree planting event was led directly by the Regent of Aceh Jaya and the chairman of the BKSDA (natural resource conservation agency), and other related institutions.

On the agenda, many people are involved in the issue of nature conservation, because nature is the lungs of the world for humans and animals

So here I am as an organization that cares about nature, I really encourage people to participate in preserving nature and the environment. So that all people who are looking for sustenance in the forest can bring some wood seeds that have been provided by our institution

This pickle was held in the eyes of World Elephant Day, and there were many parties involved to enliven this event, including the International Fauna and Flora (FFI) and was also attended by the Aceh Environment Service (DLHA) and various other elements.

This event lasted for two days and also provided a bed in the form of a tent, with a capacity of two people in one tent. When night falls there is a screening of a film about nature and animals, all of this is very useful for us and also for other people

Actually forests are very important for human and animal life, because forests can produce oxygen which gives a thousand colds for humans. Forests are very important to humans because they regulate climate, resist global warming and withstand floods and prevent landslides. Therefore, let us together protect and preserve the forest and the environment around us

And this is the environment around the CRU Sampoiniet, I think if the whole world had dense forests, global warming would not exist.

I'm very happy, because I can still participate in events like this and I'm a nature explorer, so I really love this kind of thing....

I hope my post will have a positive impact and support from various parties in this #hiveblog

That's all and thank you. May your days always be happy

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