Slovenia Eco Resort

Hello dear hivean friends,

I announced a bonus post while I was doing my last Tour de Slovenia post and I have to keep my promise. It is nothing special really, but still you might find it useful if you will ever come to Slovenia and want to visit Velika Planina with surroundings. I am speaking of Slovenia Eco Resort near the city Kamnik, under Velika Planina. It is important to know, that place isn’t located on Velika Planina, but about 10 kilometers away. So if you want to sleep on the Velika Planina to have direct access to walkways etc. this is not the place for you. If 10 kilometers drive plus cable car ride doesn’t bother you then this place is recommended by me.

At the moment we arrive we felt welcomed. The receptionist was a funny guy, not for everybody with his figure, but we get along as we came there on vacations without stress, only for fun.
They are having two room / house types. One is a smaller version where you only have bed inside the room / house, and you share bathrooms. This is more of a camp version of accommodation. The other one is slightly bigger and have a room for four adults to sleep plus sofa for extra persons. It also has own kitchen along with bathroom.
We went there on a budget trip, so we choose the small cabin. Rate was just under 100 EUR per night if I am not mistaken and breakfast was included. Well I went there with my family, so we actually slept all four in it. That means it is doable and it is still big enough :)

What I liked about this resort is that everything is made out of wood. Very nice feeling being in the nature and sleeping under wooden roof. There is also small swimming pool and sauna included in the resort. The best thing there for the kids was feeding tour around the resort. They have many animals including cattle, rabbits, goats, sheep, deer, ducks,… Our little one enjoyed it and that was the main reason we chose this accommodation. They also have relatively big and well kept playground for kids and volleyball field for adults :) They also have a watchtower which is pretty tall.
If you know the main reason for initial visit, it is time to share the main reason why we would come back. That surly was the octopus! What a dinner! We really enjoyed it, even thou I am not a big seafood fan. You have to order it a day in advance and they prepare it with vegetables. They are cooking it for several hours and we say it is “izpod peke”. I don’t know the right expression or direct translation, but it is somehow an open fire cook.

Unfortunately I don’t have many photos, especially not the high quality ones, so I am just sharing what I have.
Like I said, it is a nice place to be, if you are not looking for accommodation directly on Velika Planina for any of the reasons.

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