My Experience in Poland🇵🇱🤍.

I talked a lot about my travel here but I never describe it how I wanted to show it at you .

I want to start with my favourite photo , yes this is my favourite one .
For everyone I was travelling in Wrocław Poland because we had a big reunion with some important choristers and also was another important religious big event , because I sing in a choir here in my place since i was 12 years old .

We stayed there for a week . 🤍

Day 1 .

Our group decided to walk and see the city and make some photos also to know a little bit his history and enjoy some time before our events.

This was one of the views that I liked the most because the colours and the amazing reflection of the church.
What i was surprised to see is that Wrocław was full of churches and they all had amazing architecture and the colour was the same like the buildings there .

These photos i have done when we were walking through the city to learn the places when we had the reunions.
Also another thing that impressed me was their faith!!
They believed in their religion , they pray all the time and I know that maybe this is not something to be impressed but maybe that I didn’t had any information about Polish Peoples and Poland.
After we finished our walk we stopped to eat something and after we came back at the place we were staying.

Day 2 .
We went to a church that we needed to make the reunions and also we sing for 1 hour so many parts of songs and there were a lot of people invited.

Here are some photos that I did before we started because we needed to focus more to our parts .
This church was so big and you can clearly see how amazing is the painting inside . I don’t know how is in other places but this was what i liked more here . What talented people can do ?! They always change the ambient. 🤍

After we finished we turned back at home but before we walked through the centre because a lot of people were there and we was so early and thought that maybe would be better to spend some time together and yes was an beautiful night.

Day 3.

We get up and walked a little bit at the morning before our event and after we eat lunch.
This street was one of the most beautiful on my eyes because i like the way how I captured it .
After we eat we went to another church because we needed to start another important holy mass .

This was the church before we started and you can clearly see that is almost like the other one that I posted before!! Also i liked this one too because the paintings are also unique and beautiful.

But this was the most beautiful part inside.

Day 4.

In this day we didn’t had something important to be part of it but we wanted to see the other part of the centre of the city, something that i will never understand is that even why I walked so many times I never remember the streets because was sooo big .
Also peoples there were so nice, they always tried to help us when we got lost because our maps at phone didn’t work so good because the internet.

I could not stay without posting this because this is something that the city has it , something that was part of them everywhere in the city . Was full of them!!!

Day 5 .
We wasn’t so lucky because was raining and was so cold that the event was cancelled and i spent my day playing with this kind of hamster or I don’t know what it was 😂

The family that accepted us to stay with them takes care of her , they was so sweet with us and they helped us so much and i will never forget them never!!!

Day 6 .

We took the tram this time because our next event was far away from the place we were staying and I love that i tried this one because we don’t have trams in our country.

While we were walking i saw this , some children painted this in a building near to the church and I loved this one because they did something that makes them happy.

After we finished the event we spent our last time there enjoying an amazing event in the centre of the city, there were a lot of famous singers singing and we danced a lot .
We stayed there an hour and after we went to eat somewhere all together was an amazing experience there .

This is the last photo that i took there and I feel so Grateful for the time that I spent with my sister and all my friends there .

Thank you for reading. 🤍

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