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Because of the heightened restrictions caused by the growing cases in our province, few of our climbing engagements were postponed. So we haven't gone for a trip lately and we are so much yearning for an ambience to unwind ourselves. Since we missed traveling, me and my very special friend plans to go out for a pleasure trip. Inasmuch as we long for a tour to enjoy the weekend, we rented a private vehicle to cater our transportation and to delimit our contact from the crowd as well. There are already few instances that we visited southern part of the province, this time, we jump out of the possibility to sojourn north of Cebu. I am not too familiar with the tourist attractions in Cebu's northern area, but no matter where the roads leads us to, we got nothing but time to savor the adventure.

I woke up at 5AM in the morning to get ready and assembled for the last-minute preparations (fortunately we still had plenty of trail foods that weren't consumed due to the cancelled climbing appointments). After a while, we packed our things on the car's backseat, filled up our gasoline tank and we are finally ready to depart at around 6AM. Later on, as we drive off a few miles away from our hometown, we started playing our all-time favorite road trippin' music. What a fine and relaxing day indeed, wishing the day would last a little longer.


While enjoying the ride way too far from the hustle of the city, we couldn't help but admire the stunning landscapes and roadside attractions along the way seeing trees covering up the road and the shimmery rays of sunlight flashing in our faces. The smell of the ocean breeze in the coastal highways and the calmness of the road excites us to stop over some few spots.


One of those were the panoramic terrain in Bogo City where our heart misses the country-feels and even visualizing ourselves camping in those wide plains.


We also took a stop in the lanes of Brgy. Dayhagon to Curva with a 7.5 kilometer highway in the Municipality of Medellin which is commonly known as — Aisle of Medellin that carves across the broad plantation of sugarcanes. There are a lot of beautiful aerial shots I found on the internet that intensifies the scenic route. I never had imagined that this is how the highway looks like in an aerial perspective. So allow me to include this in here.


Photo credits by Marc Deither of RECO



After crossing the lengthy roadway of Medellin, finally we have gone to the outmost tip of Northern Cebu — Daanbantayan. For approximately 3 hours of hitting the road, we decided to find some resting place to relax. We already had in mind that we must try and experience their boasting beaches in Daanbantayan so we visit one of their fascinating resorts — Golden Sands Destination Resort, formerly Del Sands (Sandoval) Resort.

We got confused at first as to where we should stay, is it either Golden Sands or Del Sands? We even texted a friend that lives in Daanbantayan to ask her few suggestions. She also mentions Sandoval Resort. Later somehow, as I was browsing for the best beaches in Daanbantayan we have figured out that these resorts are all the same. Lol! Anyway, the place has undeniably interesting reviews that really sounds appealing to us. Apparently, it is also one of the topnotch resorts in Daanbantayan for its vast land area with a 25 hectare property which is owned by the Sandoval Family. It all started as a vacation house for the Sandovals and later on, opens it as a resort to share its beauty to everyone who wants to visit.



As we set foot into their territory, peacefulness and solitude of the place are so fulfilling. As far as your eyes can see, its wide and blissful shores of golden sand are truly remarkable. Our time is not enough to visit around the place for this gem of the north offers a variety of attractions and activities to enjoy. Aside from their 1.7-kilometer white sand beach, they also have a 2-hectare man-made lagoon where you can stretch out your muscles by hopping into their paddle boards and kayaks.





Plunging into their pool overlooking the shore are perfect too. Not to mention their fine and delightful restaurant that offers a fusion of local and international dishes that satisfies the cravings. Fresh and seasonal fruit juices are also at its finest. What a day indeed, enjoying the good food and a good company at this peaceful place is such a paradise. The joy in our hearts left our countenance smiling and wanting for more. Truly, this place deserves a second time.




Unfortunately, due to the time restraints we must get back on track at around 2PM for we still have a long way to go. We have no choice but to depart from this breath-taking hideaway in Daanbantayan. We'll go now for the NEXT STOP.. And that'll be on the second part of Chriscapes' Road Trips & Ocean Dips!!! More to come! See yah! 😉

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