Travel Blog - Fourth day in Sardinia

Hey everyone,

Another beautiful day in Sardinia is over now and I have experienced a lot. It was very exhausting, but definitely worth it because I was able to see a lot of new things and take great pictures.

In the morning I took a ferry to La Maddalena. I had already bought the tickets beforehand, so I got on the boat very quickly. The crossing only took 15 minutes because the island is so close to my hotel. After I arrived I explored the area a bit. The landscape looks incredibly beautiful, almost like from another world.


The nature looks a little different than in Sardinia, really impressive.


I was also able to find a beach pretty quickly, even if I didn't went swimming because I had a lot planned for the day. However, the water looked very nice.


After that I discovered a viewing platform from which you get a wonderful view of the sea.


After I have spend some time on La Maddalena I went to it's neighbor island Caprera. You can get an awesome view from the top of one of the many high mountains. So I wanted to climb up Poggio Stefano. I actually underestimated the hight and thought I would be up pretty quick. The way was really steep so it was difficult to get up and took some while.


But it was worth it. The view from the top was unbelievable and made up for all the hard work getting up. The top of the mountain was not really secured so it felt not really safe but I was careful.



Then I went to a beach to swim in the ocean. But shortly after that I returned to my hotel.

All in all it was a great day and I saw a lot of awesome things. Follow me if you want to read more about the things I experience on my vacation.

Cheers ✌️

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