Exploring the Lakhudiyar Caves: A Journey through Time and Art

Last year I was on a trip to an amazing place that is Lakhudiyar Caves, this place is very beautiful, after the end of the post you will sure wanna visit this place and I can bet on that. If you do like a quiet and refreshing place to visit. The Lakhudiyar Caves is located atBarechhina, which is around 19 kilometers far from the main city Almora(where I do live). The road is very busy so no problem with transportation.
There are so many amazing places around me but unfortunately, I am not a travel guy. I am thankful to my friends who pushed me to travel with them.

If you have never been to Almora then sure you should visit this place if you do like the mountain area. There are so many trips that I do have to post, I hope I will post them soon with you all. I went on a small trip today too. If you missed my last travel posts you can check that here. I was on this trip last year with one of my friends we were on a two-wheeler, it was a fun trip the weather was really great that day. it was a sunny and warming day we went to three places that day. But Today I have shared only one place of them here. I hope you will enjoy the trip.










I am not sure if are able to see that painting or not but I did try my best can show you, with my smartphone. so summarised of the cave painting is:

The paintings are mostly drawings of people, animals, and weapons used by early man. On one side of the wall is a painting of people who have been shown performing a mass dance in a group of 34 people on one side and 28 people on the other. These pictures also depicted the clothes and domesticated animals, and are believed to represent life in the prehistoric village. Two painted rock shelters reveal paintings of animals and humans drawn with fingers in black, red, and white.


You can watch the short video from the link, oops you do have to rotate your screen to watch the video, or maybe your neck if you are on your PC 😅. The caves are under the archeology of India, and although there is not a huge cave the leftover do have so many great handmade artworks. The artwork is not that much clear right now still it is there is really an amazing thing in my opinion.

The area near the caves is really interesting too if you will ever get a chance to be here I am sure you will just lost oin the beauty of nature around here. That is not your fault the place is so close to nature and rich in greenery.








While riding back on the way we did notice a beautiful campsite that is near the river, It is very close to the cave approx 200 to 300 meters only. If you are interested to enjoy a night in the camp near the river I would suggest you visit in summer the winter would not be a good idea for sure. I do feel good when I do see the local people earning money by running businesses at their homes and earning a decent amount. I am not sure how much they charge but I am sure that would be cheap. I am sure if the property would be near the road then surely there would be more things that can be done at the property.





Good to see food trucks in the area that used to be vacant in the past. Now a few people of the local people are running their own businesses and are earning bread for their families which is really a good thing. ok, see ya on the next trip till then keep exploring my other posts too 🙃.

All photographs are mine and taken by me.

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