A little baguio tour (day 1)

Okay here we go!

Last January 13-15 I did say that I was headed to a different mountain. Usually I get sent to the mine site mountain, but this time I went on a little vactaion with my best friend. It was a 3 day 2 night tour package where we toured the city of Baguio, also known as the summer capital of the philipppines and the city of pines.

This was a trip we’ve been planning for a few months now. The idea of touring a city every few months began when we started talking about both working abroad. And at some point, we both realized that we haven’t toured the country enough. So while we wait for the documents to go abroad, and while saving up for said documents, we agreed to try going out of town every few months just for the sake of having something to brag about when we finally leave the country.

Initially, we wanted to do a DIY trip where we arranged everything ourselves, but when computing for the transportation budget, the accomodation budget and the food budget, we came up with the possibility of spending a little over 6,000 Php or maybe 120 usd.

I mean, it also seemed like we’d go over that. There was also the figuring out which places to go to. Luckily I’ve been looking through social media and have found some tour packages that were extremely budget friendly and with a very detailed planned itinerary.

I mostly did the searching, scrolling and coordinating since my best friend is a vampire and he just sleeps throughout the day.

So the trip lasted 3 days. This is just the events of the first day.

For the first day, we mostly went to buildings and gardens.

First destination was at Burnham park. I believe it can be counted as baguio’s central park and basically all transpo seem to circulate there so I call it something like a central park. The park was so cold at 5am XD it was the first time I saw my breath fog up like that. It was so coooollll

Then we went to this strawberry farm in benguet. We had breakfast there and I fell in love with this dish called torogis. I really love the strawberry alamang they made as a salad dressing. I feel bad that I didn’t get to try this strawberry sinigang and the bagnet mami cuz we really thought it was like the servings in manila, but it was just huggeeee. I wanted to try those so bad. Sadly my stomach capacity isn’t so big.

After breakfast, we just went exploring the farm, really and what really used up all our time was the plants we saw for sale. There was way too many plants that we could have bought butttt we were more concerned on whether we could carry them back home or not.

I saw this wine shop that sole different kinds of fruit wines. There was strawberry wine, blueberry wine, bugnoy wine, mangosteen wine, guyabano one then there was this other one I forgot, but what amused me was that they also have snake wine, but I think this was on display as a kind of joke lol.

Also found an artist selling ome paintings on the side of the road. i wanted to buy a piece, but I really don't know how I'd carry all that backt o my house, much more, where to hang it.

In the end, I just settled for buying 3 herbs because we still had 2 more days ahead and I was pretty sure we could still find more plants scattered across baguio.

Next destination was the bell tower, where we spent a while just climbing stairs. rows and rows of stairs. But I did love the pagodas and the views at the peak. It was great fun to just chill at th top, and I think me and my bestfriend would have enjoyed drinking there given the environment and the skyline. i had fruit wines in my bag too at that time.

I actually don’t remember the other places we went to cuz I think I fell asleep in the van a couple of times. I do rememember the lunch stop we had, which was at mamita’s. It’s an eatery chain spread across baguio, but we just had pita wraps for lunch because I swear, the breakfast was so heavy, my stomach was still so full from that. Though me and my best friend din't go with the group, we explored on our own in a hunt for a coffee shop. This is the struggle of caffeine dependency, I swear.

Sadly, we didn't find any coffee shops, but we did find this cool silver shop. And as someone who extracts noble metals on a daily basis, I can assure you that their silver is the real stuff

![](Uploading... 3ce7a55a-4f52-4ca6-98ed-21ad0ad5e304.jpeg)

After all that looking, and after the group finished their lunch, we went to check in the accomodation, and I swear, everyone just knocked out. We were told we could all shower and rest cuz it was a really long night of driving and a lot of exploring.
By the time everyone was up, it was 5pm. By 5:30, we were back on the road and the coordinator dropped us off at Burnham park again cuz the kids in the group wanted to try the swan boat while I wanted to see the night market. And wait we did for the night market XD

Burnham park in the afternoon. It was much peaceful here on a friday afternoon compared to the other days that we were there.

Night market things. So basically, the stalls inside Burnham park was mostly food, then outside that was mostly clothes.

You guys have to wait for the day2 and day 3 part of this cuz Izz hard to work, catch up on rest, draw and blog with my limited energy XD
Rest assured though, I will definitely try to post on the next day!

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