Take a trip with me down memory lane .

It's been four years since Peter and I have visited my children in Australia.
We were due for another visit when Covid and the lock downs began and the borders closed. Going through my photos of our first trip and not knowing when we will see them again, I decided to share some memories of our trip to beautiful Australia with you.

mr burger.png
Melbourne City with it's beautiful architecture buildings just fascinated me; trams and trains being the major form of public transport, made it so easy to get around.

Peter and I were fascinated by the design and materials used by the Australians to build houses, we saw some really beautiful buildings, I like the idea of metal, wood and glass, unlike the methods used to build in South Africa, we use mainly brick and cement.

musician on the street.png
The buzz of Melbourne City was so exhilarating with musicians on the side walks expressing their awesome musical talents.

We couldn't stop admiring the creative graffiti painted on the walls all over the City.

Me standing in front of graffiti painted wall, I think it reads "Burn the Negativity in the City". Wow! it sure did, the vibe was awesome there.

It must have taken the artists many hours to paint all the amazing art works on the walls around the City of Melbourne.

melbourne 5.JPG
Peter and I in front of a beautiful old Church building in Melbourne.

William Ricketts Sanctuary fascinated me with all the ceramic sculptures of Aboriginal people.

Amazing place to visit, the sculptures are beautifully made.

art park 1-1.png
Art Park in Melbourne, another place with the most awesome sculptures.

art park2.JPG

Metal abstract Sculpture in the park


Graffiti Sculpture

Another amazing place I could easily live, is "Bells Beach" 100km south-west of Melbourne, I believe to be a well known famous surfing destination in the world.

2 of us.JPG
Peter and I on Bells Beach, if I were a millionaire, that's were I would retire to.

botanic garden.png
The National Herbarium in Victoria, very interesting place indeed.

☻botanic 2-2.png
Botanic Gardens in Victoria, we had beautiful weather all through our stay in Australia, it was awesome.

art 7.JPG
Melbourne Art Gallery, housing amazing sculptures and art works.

Melbourne Market, what a pleasure to end the day in purchasing some fresh produce to make a delicious healthy dinner.
Thank you for traveling with me to Australia on my memory tour, I hope you enjoyed it.
My daughter and her family have since moved to Brisbane, so hopefully that's were our next visit will be.


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