Red sunset

The western Black Sea coast of Crimea

The western Black Sea coast of Crimea allows you to see the sunset in all this beauty. It's just that the sun sets in the west, which means that there the sun sets right into the sea.

That's very beautiful.

One of my sites in Crimea was the western coast of Crimea. There are beautiful cliffs and sandy beaches. This part of Crimea is not yet very much built up and there are more natural beauties not yet occupied by humans.

But the situation is changing and more and more people come here, as this land has always been loved by people. This is proved by archaeological excavations. There are many excavations of ancient cities on these shores.

We were in the town of Chernomorskoe. It was here that the ancient city of Kalos Limen was located.

The name of the city can be translated from ancient Greek as "beautiful harbor". It is the presence of a convenient port in a quiet harbor that is one of the main reasons for the foundation of the city by the Greeks.

In the center of the town of Chernomorskoe there is a large and sandy beach.

When evening comes, you can sit right on the sand and watch the sun go into the waters of the Black Sea. I decided to walk along the beach and came to the edge of a sandy bay. Then a small ridge of stones began, along which you can walk to the very end of the cape.

And so, I stand on black stones and watch the sunset. The majestic sight is enhanced by the absence of wind. The sea is almost calm. Light ripples on the water recede into the distance and on the horizon the yellow-white disc of the sun smoothly plunges into the dark waters.

Peace and quiet. Idyll.

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