Recent spring

Today I looked at the calendar and realized that it was already the middle of the first summer month. A little more and it will be the middle of summer. Time flies at a terrible speed.

But until recently I was walking along the Volga river embankment and kicked the snow with the toe of my boot.

And in the folder with the latest photos, I see pictures of the very beginning of May. The green leaves have just gained strength. The warmth had not yet finally come to our places, but it was already clear that the time of cold weather was over.

We went out for a walk along the Volga in the late afternoon. Having slightly changed the usual route, we decided to go upstream along the Volga.

Usually, such a walk ends quickly, as the road along the river breaks off and you have to climb to the city center. But this time it turned out differently. It turned out that a fairly passable road had been laid along the river. Through the territories of old enterprises that had stood here since tsarist times, through bushes and coastal trees, the road led from the city center to the spit with the Kostroma River.

Thus, you can now walk from the city center to the very Ipatiev Monastery. The result is an excellent walking route that leads along the river. You walk and breathe the fresh river air and look at the surface of the river.

Here and there fishermen with fishing rods are sitting in the bushes. These people by their occupation prove that there is still fish in the Volga and that our ecology is not as bad as they say.

When I walked along this path for the first time, I was surprised to notice interesting views that I had not seen before. Yes, the same our beloved Ipatiev Monastery from this road looks somehow in a new way and again wins my attention.

Of course, the sunset also had a big impact on my perception. The red-orange sky around the sun adorns the world, creating a magical feeling from the sunset reflected by the smoothness of the Kostroma River.

Silence, no wind and a complete sense of serenity. Even the mosquitoes that appeared did not spoil the feeling of this spectacle.

When the sun went down behind the walls of the ancient monastery, then, as if in a play, a new action began. More subtle shades of color, deeper thoughts.

The walk ended and we went home. This was my hometown in all its spring glory.


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