Alchak-Kaya Mountain

Sights of the city of Sudak

One of the attractions of the city of Sudak is the Alchak-Kaya Mountain. It was once a very, very long time ago, an ancient coral reef. This small mountain or rock is located on the eastern border of the city of Sudak. You can climb the mountain directly from the city beach.

So I did. It was already evening and the sun was not hanging very high above the horizon.

It was my first time in this place and everything was very interesting to me.

It looked like a trail that was in the village of Novy Svet. There is the famous so-called Golitsin trail. But that path along the sea is longer and requires more effort to overcome.

This path leads along the sea, encircles Cape Alchak and then ascends the mountain.

Since we walked along the embankment and came out on the trail quite by accident, we did not dare to climb the hill. The shoes were not the same, and soon it was going to be night.

We just decided to walk to the cape and see the local beauty.

Even a short walk along the cape gave me a feeling of freshness and power of the elements. The open space of the sea and powerful ancient stones - all this gave me the feeling of flight.

The setting sun added to the charm of this feeling.

This short path to the cape proved to me once again what a wonderful nature we have in the Crimea. This is a very beautiful place, which is not inferior in beauty to any other sea coast in the world.

I wanted to make this post more photographic than text. Several beautiful photos of the Sudak rocks, which I like myself.

I seem to be standing there again and looking at the sea, breathing the fresh sea air and enjoying life.

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