Exploring Israel - Public Art in Or Yehuda

Hello and welcome to "Exploring Israel - Public Art" series. I enjoy finding and appreciating public art¹

Today I want to share with you public art I found while cycling in the city of Or Yehuda.
While on an early morning Saturday cycling trip, colourful, 2.5m in diameter metal ball art grabbed my attention.
It is located in front of the "Or Yehuda Cultural Hall". The building is a collaboration with "United Israel Appeal of Canada"

About United Israel Appeal of Canada:
Founded in 1967, United Israel Appeal of Canada (UIA) exists to promote Jewish culture, identity, and philanthropy. Most of its programs are run through partner oragnizations in Israel focused on development and humanitarian work. It also runs projects in Canada to reinforce Jewish identity, support Jewish people, and politically advocate for Jewish interests⁴

The culture hall was closed for the weekend, so I couldn't visit it.

There is no plaque on this art piece, but I would like to imagine that it is a symbol of partnership between Israel and Canada. The art's colours are a combination of blues and reds, just like our flags.
Different people are depicted from all walks of life, celebrating diversity, peace and coexisting.

When examining the art, you can see lots of different characters: tennis player, businessman, mother and child, artist, skateboarder, painter, rockstar and my personal favourite - cyclists.

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Very interesting and eye opening art. I was not aware of such projects between Israel and Canada. I hope to find more examples of such collaborations with other countries.

Thank you for reading and your support!

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"Public good" vs "Public nuisance"


Public art is somewhat a "Public good" ²


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¹ All the photos are of public places, taken by @alex2alex with Xiaomi Note 10 Pro

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