Exploring Israel - Menachem Begin Park in Ramat Gan

Hello and welcome to "Exploring Israel" series. I enjoy exploring my country by photowalking and photocycling³

Today I want to share with you my trip to the "Menachem Begin Park" in Ramat Gan.

Ramat Gan (Hebrew: רָמַת גַּןor רָמַת־גַּן‎) is a city in the Tel Aviv District of Israel, located east of the municipality of Tel Aviv and part of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. It is home to one of the world's major diamond exchanges, and many high-tech industries⁴

The park is named after a former prime minister. It has an area of 1km².

There is a lake in the middle of the park. The lake is of square shape and is used for water skiing.

The towing cable system is installed on the perimeter of the lake. This system allows for continuing water skiing around the lake. Ramps are added for additional challenge.

There are a lot of birds around the lake, this one is an Egyptian goose.

A big playground for the children

There is a small zoo with deer

There are a lot of different trees growing in the park. This is a massive ficus tree with a very impressive root system

Found this interesting palm tree, almost uprooted but clinging to life and thriving #aliveandthriving

This is the only Bottle tree in the park

Olive trees in the middle of the park

Beautiful green paths for walking in the park

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A very big, interesting and beautiful park. I enjoyed my visit and will return to continue exploring.

Thank you for reading and your support!

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³ All the photos are of public places, taken by @alex2alex with Xiaomi Note 10 Pro


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