Travelling with Bass. Old Hoi An and Modern Luxury

Again this heavy bass is travelling with me, and again I have to go somewhere. This time it's Hoi An, a small but picturesque city in the center of Vietnam. We moved to Hoi An to work in a large hotel that was located outside the city.

As I have already mentioned in previous posts, I worked under musical contracts as a bass guitarist and a singer. We were moving from place to place, from one city to another, performing a program both for the local people as well as for numerous tourists.

This time we had to sing in a large luxurious hotel, which was located on the beach.

Other artists had worked here before us. If I'm not mistaken, they came from the Philippines.

A Vietnamese girl who performed national music was also working in the lobby of the hotel. She was a real professional.

We not only worked here, but also had a rest. There was a lot of greenery on the territory of the hotel.

And if you were tired of walking you could just lie down.

We lived in the same place as the hotel guests. The rooms were very comfortable and cozy.

Since the territory of the hotel was huge, we did not have to go anywhere, but still we managed to get acquainted with the city of Hoi An.

Hoi An is in its way similar to Venice. There are many walking and fishing boats, restaurants on the water. All of them move along the river and along the channels. People also move in boats.

In the Japanese quarter of Hoi An, we saw this old man who came up to us on his boat. He was asking for help.

Of course, we helped him. Life is hard for many people.

The old part of the city is very picturesque. It is a mixture of different cultures. Here Vietnamese and Japanese architecture are intertwined into one whole.

This part of the city is under UNESCO protection. The streets are narrow, many of the houses are wooden. Hoi An is beautiful in the evening, there are many lights and lanterns here.

One of the most interesting and beautiful places in Hoi An is the meeting hall of the Chinese community of Phuc Kien.

People who came from China created this place to communicate and preserve Chinese traditions. This beautiful gate is the entrance to the pagoda.

In the building of the Chinese assembly there is a temple of the goddess of the sea, who helps fishermen and navigators. There are several beautiful altars and statues here.



In general, Vietnam has astonishing architecture. It's so different. There is a very strong influence of other cultures here in Vietnam: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and this makes the temples and houses look as if they are from a fairy tale.

Well, at least for the Europeans.

To be continued

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