Travelling With Bass. Ha Long Bay

Hello wonderful people of Hive! My name is Alena. I am a bass guitar player and a singer by profession and thanks to concert tours I've travelled a lot around the world.


I would like to share with you some impressions of my trips to different countries. That's why I'm here in Haveyoubeenhere community.

Today I'd like to tell you about one of the most beautiful places in the north of Vietnam called Ha Long Bay.


I worked as a musician in Vietnam and my employer allowed me to visit Ha Long during my vacation. The name of the bay means a dragon who descended from heaven, that is because local people believe that the bay was created by a dragon. Maybe it's true, because this is a place of unbelievable beauty.


I knew a little about the bay. Once I watched the movie ''Indochine'' with Catherine Deneuve in the main role. The actions of this film took place in Ha Long, but I could not even imagine that it is so beautiful here.


I was travelling around the bay by ship. The ship had all modern conveniences and looked more like a high-class hotel.

There was everything there: massage on the open deck:

a seafood restaurant:

chic cabins:

and master classes from chefs.


While travelling by ship, we saw fishing villages located right on the water. These are unique places.

People use boats to go to school, to neighbouring houses and to the shop.


Pearls are grown and fish farms are located right on the water.


When I saw these villages I thought how different people's life is. We go to cafes, walk along the streets with friends, sit on benches in the parks, and these people spend their whole lives on the water. It's amazing.


After the trip to the fishing villages, we went to the cave of Sung Sot ( the cave of Surprise).


Perhaps the cave bears this name due to the bizarre stalactites and stalagmites which are located inside of it. There is a beautiful illumination in the cave.


Not only are the caves beautiful in Ha Long Bay. The landscapes of the bay themselves are admirable. Huge rocks are picturesque.

When the sun goes below the horizon, you can admire the most beautiful sunset.


And looking at the surface of the water you feel harmony and unity with nature.

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