My visit to Grand Bazar


Grand Bazar is one of the biggest Bazar in Istanbul Turkey. The first thing you will sense while entering this bazar is the rich smell of coffee. You ll find many other shops containing items of every day use to decoration items. It almost has everything in one very big and amazing place.
But one should keep that thing in mind while doing shopping there that the merchants there know how to haggle so unless you are an expert at knowing the right price for the right thing (unlike me 😋) you can't easily shop there.
But the experience i had while wandering the streets of that bazar was amazing.
Turkish people are so much polite and hospitable that it would amaze you. I can't remember the cups of tea i had there while browsing things in shops.

Well i bought alot of their famous sweets and loads of packs of turkish i love the taste of their coffee. I had a great time there and i would totally recommend anyone who visits Istanbul even for a day, it's a must go to place.

Well that was my experience of Grand bazar. Kindly support my work as i am new here and have tons of experience to share.
Cheers and kudos to everyone ☺

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