Summary of my week-long Math geometry mini-contest on D.Buzz for April 2021 😎

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Pi on blackboard image from Pixabay πŸ˜€

From April 23 to April 31 last month, I held a 7-day Math mini-contest for D.Buzz featuring geometry problems! 😎

(Specifically, the mini-contest started (UTC+8) last April 23 at 03:00 P.M. and technically ended on April 31 at 02:59 P.M. That explains why there were 8 days from April 23 to 31.) πŸ˜…

If you want to see the rules of my April 2021 Math contest, you may see it at /@savvyplayer/official-rules-for-my-week. πŸ˜€

Many of the participants in the previous contests said that geometry has been their "weak point" since school days, but I still decided to continue with that all-geometry contest to give those Math enthusiasts a better challenge! 😁

For my next Math mini-contest for D.Buzz, I still plan to post the problem itself on the D.Buzz community, following the 280-character limit and not using images to circumvent that limit. For the solution and answer of each problem, I would publish them on the #StemGeeks community for better exposure. Furthermore, I plan to choose another topic other than geometry. πŸ˜€

I posted this summary on the #StemGeeks community for better exposure for Math enthusiasts. That's because posting this on the #DBuzz community won't make this noticeable for anyone except those tagged on this post and those who are following me here on Hive. πŸ˜…

Anyways, for the summary itself, listed below are the Math problems I asked, together with their answers. Each problem and solution is hyperlinked to their corresponding post and comment, respectively. (Tagged usernames have been replaced with normal names and abbreviations have been replaced with their full word equivalents.) πŸ‘‡

Day 1Fang drew 3 circles whose diameters are 3, 4, and 5 cm, respectively, and the circles intersect each other exactly once. What is the area of the region surrounded by the circles but outside the circles?

(Note that there is an alternative answer to the one specified on the right)
0 (zero) square centimeters@minus-pi
Day 2Ahmad drew a square which has an area of 4 square inches. Inside that, he drew a smaller square whose corners are at the midpoints of the sides of the larger square. If he continues drawing smaller squares this way, what is the total area of all the squares?8 square inches@jfang003
Day 3Vision has a hemispherical container with height of 8 inches and contains water. The water surface has a radius of 3 inches. How much water is in the container?8.36 cubic inches@minus-pi
Day 4Jan Charles bought a 36-inch (diameter) round pizza for D.Buzz. When he removed a pizza slice whose pointed end is at the center, the remaining pizza's perimeter increased by 6 inches. What is the size of the pizza slice taken by Jan Charles?747.88 square inchesnone
Day 5Turner is designing a spearhead which is a right circular cone. The distance of the spearhead's point to the base is 1 foot and the apex angle is 15Β°. What is the volume of the spearhead?0.0178 cubic feet@jfang003
Day 6In a D.Buzz gathering where the participants' seats form a convex polygon, Jan Charles arrived late and snuck a seat, causing the average of the interior angles to increase by 4Β°. How many seats were there before Jan Charles arrived?9 seats@jfang003
Day 7Holovision must store "The Source" - which can potentially provide limitless energy - into a tesseract whose enclosed hyperspace is 8 meters⁴. What is the surface area of the tesseract that can contain The Source?67.88 square inches@minus-pi

Thanks to all participants and supporters! 😁

Participants for this contest πŸ€“

Participants for the previous contests: @appukuttan66 and @paultactico2 πŸ‘‹
Other participants: @dadspardan, @anadantra, and @bencwarmer πŸ‘

Who do you think should be the "overall winner" among @jfang003 and @minus-pi? πŸ€” Both of them won three times in the mini-contest! πŸ˜…
Special mentions: @dbuzz, @chrisrice, @jancharlest, and @mehmetfix 🀯

Comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Thanks for reading! 😁

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