Official rules for my week-long May 2021 Math trigonometry mini-contest for D.Buzz ğŸ˜Ž


"Math on blackboard" image from Pixabay 😀

I will hold a week-long Math contest for May 2021, starting on May 24 (Monday) at 03:00 P.M. (UTC +8), and will officially end soon after the 7th day problem has been concluded after May 31 (Monday) at 02:59 P.M.

In this contest, all the Math problems to be posted will be about trigonometry! 📏📐😁

The Math trigonometry problems would normally be answerable by a competent high school student. 🤓 Those problems would be posted with the "spirit" of D.Buzz, where I would post the problems within the 280-character limit and without using images to circumvent that limit. 😅

The rules of this May 2021 Math mini-contest are similar to those on the March and April 2021 contests, with several minor changes. 🧐 Another 7 HIVE total will be given away for the winners of this contest! 💰

Compared to the April 2021 Math geometry contest, these are the changes:

  1. The period of the contest will be held in May 2021 instead of April this year, and will have only trigonometry problems instead of geometry. 🤔 Obviously. 😁
  2. This official announcement regarding the May 2021 Math trigonometry mini-contest for D.Buzz and the corresponding rules have been posted on the #StemGeeks community and referenced through a short post on the #D.Buzz community, for more exposure to math geeks. 😀
  3. The solutions and answers for each problem will be posted on the #StemGeeks community after 24 hours, while the problems themselves will still be published on D.Buzz. This would help this Math mini-contest gain more exposure, while at the same time helping D.Buzz benefit from that exposure. 👈
  4. A participant must have posted or commented just at least once on the D.Buzz community 72 hours (instead of 24 hours) before leaving his or her answer for any day's Math problem. This gives interested participants more time to join the D.Buzz community before becoming qualified to win in this Math mini-contest for D.Buzz.

Official rules

  1. To qualify for winning the prize, the participant must have posted or commented at least once on the D.Buzz community 72 hours before leaving his or her answer. This includes any comment to any previous Math problem. The user may use any Hive frontend to publish on the D.Buzz community.
  2. I will publish a Math problem every 24 hours starting at 03:00 P.M. (GMT+8) on May 23, 2021 (Monday) for 7 days. I will use #PeakD's post scheduling feature to ensure that every day's problem gets published, and on time. If no qualified participant was able to submit a correct answer, see #5. Since there could be unexpected technical difficulties, please don't blame anybody if the problem doesn't get posted on time.
  3. Any interested and qualified participant must comment his or her answer on my post containing the Math problem. Posting the answer anywhere else will make it invalid. If a participant wants to change his or her answer, see Rule #6.
  4. Participants are allowed to ask for help in solving the Math problem. Participants may tag other users to answer the problem (subject to Rule #1).
  5. This mini-contest for May 2021 will run for exactly 7 days. Whenever nobody submitted a valid and correct answer for a day, the prize of 1 HIVE for the day shall be distributed to the previous winners in proportion to how many times they won for the week. For example, if nobody correctly answered the problem for Day N, the day's prize of 1 HIVE shall be split into (N-1-X) equal parts corresponding to the previous N days (May 24 to 30), where X refers to the number of days from Day 1 to N when nobody answered correctly. Each part of 1 HIVE shall be distributed to the previous winners depending on how many times they won for the week. That said, if nobody won on Day N and all the previous days, the total prize of N HIVE will be carried over to the next day.
  6. The winner for the day shall always be the first qualified participant who submitted the correct answer. Editing the answer is allowed. If the participant has submitted more than one answer, only his or her latest answer will be valid.
  7. The answer does NOT need to be accompanied by its solution or explanation. However, showing the solution and its explanation might help in case the participant's answer appears different from the actual answer. This also allows the participant to impress the audience (assuming his or her answer is correct)! 😆
  8. Answers must be in lowest term (if fractional) and have the appropriate units (when applicable) unless already specified in the problem. Otherwise, the answer shall be considered incorrect.
  9. The winner for any given day shall receive 1 HIVE directly to his or her Hive account. The reward will be sent soon after the 24-hour answering period for the correctly-answered problem has passed. If nobody won for the day, see Rule #5.
  10. I will not tag any user on every Math problem I post, except supporters (such as @dbuzz). That is to help make sure that no participant gets an unfair "special" reminder for any of my problems posted.
  11. I will not reply to any participant's comment with the answer until after the 24-hour answering period has passed. This is to avoid influencing the answers of any participant. I may still upvote any comment with the answer, regardless of whether the answer was correct or not.
  12. My decision as to what the correct answer is (or correct answers are) for each Math problem shall be final. Participants are still encouraged to prove that his or her answer is correct in case it is not accepted for a Math problem.
  13. Participants who are found to be cheating will automatically be disqualified. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, using of multiple accounts owned or controlled by the same person to submit different answers in an attempt to win the day's contest.
  14. I may change these rules anytime. It is recommended that you read these rules from time to time, especially if you are a participant in this mini-contest.

ğŸ˜ğŸ˜Ž Good luck to all participants, and enjoy! ğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜


Board adventure image from Pixabay ğŸ˜Ž

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Participants of the previous Math contests: @jfang003, @eturnerx (@eturnerx-dbuzz), @holovision, @ahmadmanga (@ahmadmangazap), and @minus-pi 🤓
Special mentions: @chrisrice, @jancharlest, and @mehmetfix 🤯🤯🤯

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