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☑️☑️Some people may think everyday I have posting same triangle.I should reply them with Haha😅. No man every concept I share here is different from one another and the beauty is No figure use here is a copy of previous one. If you measure them, I am sure, you will definately find them of different sizes.Though I have never measured them with a scale😂. I took the sizes that suit the space to put my sufficient words.✅

Let's get back to the topic:

A centroid is a point inside a triangle(any of its kind) from by three medians after intersecting each other. Unlike cir-cum-centre it can't be outside or on the side of a triangle.

MEDIAN: A median is a line segment which connects a vertex and the mid point of opposite side of a triangle.

Check median below:


VERTEX: A vertex is a point where two sides of a triangle meet.

Check vertex below:

In the figure below, the point "O" at the centre in green colour is the centroid. E is the mid point of AB, F is the mid point of BC and D is the mid point of AC.

Let me make it simple. Suppose you have a triangle shaped plain rock and you wanna balance it on a nail for that the triangle shaped rock do not fell off and the point you find to do that is the Centroid. That's why Centroid is also called geo-centre.

Centroid: O in green colour

Points to be considered:

  1. ✅The centroid doesn't make any circle touching the three vertices.
  2. ✅Medians divide a triangle into six equal areas irrespective of its kind.
  3. ✅The smaller triangle thus made may not be similiar triangle unlike equilateral one.
  4. ✅A median also divide a triangle into two equal areas.
  5. ✅A centroid always be inside the triangle.

Your Options are:

  1. 40 square cm.
  2. 44 square cm.
  3. 48 square cm.
  4. 52 square cm.

Topic on the way: Ortho-centre

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