6 months after surviving Covid-19, 1 out of 3 people has neurological or psychiatric problems


A published study on mental health in survivors to the current Covid-19 pandemic, show that they are presenting neurological problems 6 months later.

The authors of the study published in the magazine The Lancet Psychiatry, studied records of 230,000 people who were contagious from Covid19 and the results showed that 34% of these presented neurological or psychiatric problems 6 months after their recovery. 17% presented anxiety showing itself as the most frequent disorder.

It is worth mentioning that these results were compared with data from patients who were infected with influenza (100,000) and people with some respiratory tract infection (236,000). They found that the Covid19 left more neurological and mental sequelae with 44% more possibilities than influenza and 16% higher than respiratory tract infection.

The main author of this study Paul Harrison said:

"While the individual risk of neurological and psychiatric orders from Covid-19 was small, the overall effect on the world population could be substantial."

Researchers suggest that more studies and investigation are needed in this regard on the possible progress of long-term neurological and psychiatric problems of the Covid19.

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