So, I have completed another round of postings, this time about IT & Cybersecurity Woes for Small Business and giving away Hive for my favorite comments, re-blogs, and sharing on Twitter.

This is a continuation of my previous giveaway that I really enjoyed.

We have given away 99 Hive so far, with a few more still possible in the next couple of days still.

It is so enjoyable to have the interactions on those posts with all the cool people out there like @tobixen, @coffeelovers, @edystringz, @pokecrypto, @gentleshaid, and @notak.


ITSM Rhino has been online for a couple of months now. It was a website idea I came up with after my offline consulting business dived once I went down from my first mild stroke. I tooled around with it, experimented, been taking advice and tips from folks like @jongolson as I get my stuff together. In the interim, I have just been passively dropping a link to it in taglines and posts.

I am sure that was a mistake. I should have made sure it was ready for the prime time the way I wanted it, and more importantly, the way members would need it before going public. However, I thought it could provide some value right away, and it could be perfect later.

Here we are a few months later, not much to speak for regarding the number of members. This lack of membership is most likely due to my lack of active promotion for one, which was purposeful, and secondly, some of the issues that I should have fixed and tests before I made it public. So now I understand that even though there might be value for members if they don't see that value when going through the process to get to their membership benefits, they don't do it, then there is no value.

Not sure if that makes sense, but…

Anyway, we are fixing all of this and doing it right.

A few days ago, I posted about some updates going on right now to the ITSM Rhino.

First, work was completed so that the categories of the downloads can be collapsed and expanded, making it easier to sort through and view the available downloads. Today starts the removal of current downloads that are available and rebuilding, editing, and improving them. No worries though, they will be added back at a staggered interval better than before.


I have also brought on a team of IT professionals to advise on the website and content from the member's viewpoint. This consulting should provide the best possible value to our members from the cradle to the grave.

So far, they have provided some great suggestions that we are currently implementing and will be updating everyone very soon before our hard launch and promotion of the website.

A few simple changes we have made based on their suggestions are to stop autoplay of the video on the homepage and the flashing gif image at the bottom of the homepage.

They also caught a small typo on the affiliate page, suggested providing sample products for potential members to view, and some other suggestions for improvements to design and presentation.

All suggested changes have been implemented or in progress by the developers and whiz-bang coder types.

Blockchain and Crypto Integration

One of the initiatives and strategies I am most proud of is ensuring ITSM Rhino is geared toward the future. To me, this means it should focus on Web 3.0 and the blockchain.

ITSM Rhino can accept PayPal, but more importantly to me, it now has #HivePay and #FirePay. This addition of payment processors now accepts #Hive, #Bitcoin, #Litecoin, #ETH, and other cryptos payments.

The site has also installed the #Exxp WordPress plugin for the blog. The plugin allows the posts on the WordPress blog to cross-post to the Hive blockchain. I used the plugin in the past, but there was an issue with images making through their proxy onto Hive. I hope this time it has been rectified, and if not, I am sure @Howo and the team will figure something out. In the interim, we will manually add the image after the fact. I hope they will eventually code it to select what communities you would like the post to go to on Hive; that would be neat.

The vision now is looking forward to leveraging Hive even more, along with #DSLA (#Stacktical), #STORJ, #SKALE, #BAT, #CTP, and some other blockchain/crypto tech.

Thank you for reading, and until the next update, I hope you enjoy continuing to enjoy our posts and content. Feel free to reach out or comment here if you have suggestions or questions. Who knows, I'm known to give out Hive for re-blogging, favorite comments, and sharing on Twitter.

If you don't have a Hive account, you can create one here at PeakD.


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