I am pinning my own content from @threespeak on IPFS


There are a few server providers that offer free tier hosting, with that, I can pin my own content on @threespeak so that, if it happens that the content gets deleted, I will not lose it.

I will, possibly tomorrow, post a tutorial teaching how to set up your own free servers and how to pin your own content from @dtube or @threespeak or anything really.

This is specially useful if you have NFTs!

Most NFTs are hosted on IPFS, which is, in short, just a torrenting network, so, if eventually everyone stops seeding your content, then it gets offline.

And as I can see, from the 3Speak app, since I am seeding them from my own computer, + 3 servers, I have at least 3 providers hosting my content at all times (4 if I am online), even if 3Speak stops seeding/pinning my content:


In contrast, if I open a random video from someone else, like the last one from @theycallmedan (threespeak founder) "Does Hive Need Anything Else To Succeed?" when I start watching I have no peers at all, so there is a delay and is slow:


On another video I find a peer, so it is a bit faster:

But again, if I look at this other video video that I have pinned on my 3 servers, to ensure better service, I get many more peers:


So, later I will record a video teaching how to get those free servers and pin your content yourself!

Donate and help me deploy more servers!

Oh! I have also created a donation bot! It generates images so you can create a template for your posts, here is it in use:



Bitcoin 19Re31p3dfLSxjFGtpChZe1zvcfkwkYRuV

Ethereum and Tokens 0x4E48F9Ca8A335e03e6549c55749E6aD724464dA2

Doge Coin D7UMxBj6rkB7mKGBuHXjo9RN6YMSif1zwL

How to use the contributing tool (might be slow, it is not on a full and powerful server!)

Generate goal calculator:


So, first, you have the main URL that is:
then the first parameter afetr the .com/ (slash) is the list of addresses you want to check, separated by a ,(comma) so in my case if I want to check my Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum (including ERC20 tokens!) it is https://cryptodonateassist.herokuapp.com/19Re31p3dfLSxjFGtpChZe1zvcfkwkYRuV,0x4E48F9Ca8A335e03e6549c55749E6aD724464dA2,D7UMxBj6rkB7mKGBuHXjo9RN6YMSif1zwL/

And then again, after this last slash it is the total goal in my case, 90, so I add a 90 after the /

So the image URL becomes:

And then, the last parameter is the explanation or extra text, for example, I want to say that I have 3 IPFS nodes online, so I write it, BUT CHANGE THE SPACES FOR %20
so the text becomes 3%20IPFS%20nodes%20already%20online

So, it is:
ADRESSES (comma separated) = 9Re31p3dfLSxjFGtpChZe1zvcfkwkYRuV,0x4E48F9Ca8A335e03e6549c55749E6aD724464dA2,D7UMxBj6rkB7mKGBuHXjo9RN6YMSif1zwL
EXPLANATION (change space for "%20"):

All combined:


Generate Wallet QR Code:

This one is simple, the same URL, but the parameters are

If you want to add spaces on the coin name, also CHANGE SPACES FOR "%20", so "Ethereum and Tokens" becomes:

So, again it is:
COIN TITLE (separated by "%20") =

Together it becomes:

Ethereum and Tokens

3 columns
2 columns
1 column
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