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RADAR System

This is the post about military grade RADAR system and how it works

RADAR means RAdio Ditection and Ranging.People were inspired to make radar with the 2nd world war

Do you know how it detect object

Every and each radar has common principal. Antenna transmit signal and again detect that signal from antenna.These signal called Electromagnatic Wave Electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light in air and vacuum But when this electromagnetic wave hits the solid, it gets reflected.What a radar system does is to transmit an EM wave and get the relevant data by the signal that hits an object.

Radar is divided into two basic type.

  1. Continues wave Radar
  2. Pulse Radar

Continues wave Radar

The special thing about this type of radar is that it has 2 antennas, one transmits and the other receives.Since the wave of continuous radar is continuously transmitted by one antenna, it uses 2 antennas. These are used to check the speed of vehicles that we see in everyday life in traffic police

Pulse Radar

These radars are used in military radars and airports.This radar has only one antenna. It has special unit called Duplexer. Duplexr is an unit that work as a high speed switch. These radar use Mhz range electromagnetic signal.

Basic signal operation of the radar is every Radar has COHO which 30Mhz signal generat by system.Although this signal is common, there is a code related to the radar in this signal, which changes from radar system to system.From this, the radar detects that this is a signal syste it self.

After making this signal it power up to kilowatts through amplifier. Then send to specil unite called pulse amplifier this amplifier chopped the frequency to specific time and transmit to space.

Every radar has detection range and minimum detectable cross section if the target is smaller than that it cant find and also speed is higher than radar specific it cannot detect by radar.

Radar has IFF radar called secondry radar it use for identify aircraft . Every airborne aircraft has their own code if any aircraft go through space without this code it is an enemy aircraft.

If you want to know more about radar I can teach you everything about it because I am Radar fitter.

These radar signal very harmfull for humans because it has high power like more than 5 Kilowatts also harmfull to small insects.

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