You know the saying "don't let your dreams be memes"? Or is it the other way around? Doesn't matter. This is an occasion where something dumb I found on the internet winded up on my "things to waste time on" list. The hilarious part is, I found this nonsensical picture on my Facebook feed.

         The title of the book sounds ridiculous and I'm sure that was the intention. Some may think it's a fictional work about ducks and their crimes against humanity. In reality, it's a how-to guide and pure nonfiction. It could be great for those into homesteading and whatnot.

         I will admit, it would have been more hilarious as a satirical parody piece about ducks and their conspiracies.

         Anyways, @antisocialist actually found the PDF version of the book, the fourth edition, in fact! I'm not sure how many changes there could be between first edition and its continuation. Alas, that doesn't stop me from peeking inside the source.

         For all of your amusement, here is the link to the book:

         Turns out, the original physical copy is somewhere in Cornell University Library. There's also a notice in the book that declared no known copyright restrictions in the use of text in the US. I guess it's free game for the curious mind.

         In summary, it's a book about husbandry of ducks (and how to profit from it). This makes the author's name, William Cook, quite the aptronym. It's not often I read odd books like this, let alone one I found on social media. (We also don't talk about how Twitter got me started on reading Under the Oak Tree.) Who knows? I may try and apply some things and write about it in the future when I get the chance.

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