Learning Python: Episode 2

Hi fellow STEM fans,

Today I've made some progress on my goal of learning how to code with Python. Slowly getting there, really hoping that I can finish up the education modules by the middle of January. This is with the SoloLearn app if anyone is interested in trying it out yourself!

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Serpentine Language

Python has been a pretty cool language to learn. I think it should have some good use-cases for me in my future endeavors. This past week I was looking at an email from one of the organizations I belong to and they included a link to some projects they recommend people check out. I found 4 out of the 19 or so that were based on Python! I am hoping that this will be a solid choice for me. The harder part is getting the exposure and experience I need.

So this was a nifty feature that I just recently learned. You can take notes in your code to explain what a section does. I think I will be utilizing this pretty often, at least in the beginning lol. Hopefully I get to a point where I might not need to use it but we'll see! By putting three quotation marks in a row between some rows of text you can eliminate it from being attempted as code to be run. This allows you to essentially take notes for future reference. Sweet!


This here was one of the hardest code challenges I have had to work with so far. I had to create a Celsius to Farenheit converter code. The software gave me line 1-4 then line 7-9 but otherwise I had to write the code to actually get the function to work. I wracked by brain for days on how to write it! I kept coming up short. I gave in and asked the SoloLearn community for some help and was sad that I missed such a simple mistake. That's the way it goes with learning things though, and with coding lol. Just need a different set of eyes on it to help guide you!


Below is the other really hard challenge that I had to figure out. Apparently FizzBuzz is a common problem that is given to coders in an interview and they have to solve it. I'm stoked to say that I solved it on my own without asking for help!

They gave you the gist of the formula and you had to specify if something was an odd number or 15 then it finishes. I think, looking back on it, I put in line 5 and 6 and line 9 and 10 to complete the code and it worked. Score!


One of the great things is that I'm nearly halfway done with the lessons. I still have a significant amount of things to learn but it's good to know that I'm progressing! I have been looking for ways to go back and test my knowledge on the previous lessons but some of the best ways to do that costs money and that's not in the cards for me now lol so I am going to redo the lessons once I get to halfway completed. I think by the time I finish this last section here I will be at 50% so next up will be just going back and making sure I remember the material.


Here's to another few more lessons under my belt, looking forward to the next ones!

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