Starlink 4-17 and 12th Reflight of a Booster [Live: 06.05.2022, UTC 09:42]

Update on the first aerial capture of a rocket booster by Rocket Lab:

Tweet by CEO and founder Peter Beck:

Tim Dodd explains the different configurations to make rocket engines create thrust:

Rocket engine cycles: How do you power a rocket engine?

Starlink 4-17

SpaceX is launching 53 additional Satellites for their own Starlink Constellation.

This is the fourteenth batch of satellites for the 4th layer of the constellation. Shell 4 is in a 540km circular low-Earth orbit. These satellites are equiped with laser links.

The booster is a Block 5 and will land on a drone ship. This is the second time a booster will be reflown for the 12th time.

The mission to low earth orbit will launch from Kennedy Space Canter, Florida.

Weather is 90% go according to the 45th Weather Squadron.


  • Payload mass is approximately 16 tonnes
  • 53 Starlink Satellites

Check your local time of launch at:

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