Planning for a new laptop

I always knew this day would come, and while it is a tough decision for me because of my emotional connection to this laptop, I have to accept that it is time to start looking outside. This sturdy companion has been with me for nearly three years and has largely been dependable, despite not being one of the newest laptops around.

I got this laptop in April of 2018 from a friend that was looking for a quick buck to invest in something else. I paid around 50k Naira for it back then.

The money I used to pay for it was salary from my first and only official employment in a marketing company that drained my soul but luckily lasted only one month. Thus the emotional connection.

Del Latitude E6420


Forget the emotional connection, this baby is sturdier than @trumpman's genital when he sees a shitcoin to invest in.


This baby is so sturdy and not to mention heavy enough to be used as a shield in sword battle.

The trackpad has been having issues lately, and I can't right-click or just select items normally through tapping the pad. That's not a big problem though, since I'd use a mouse anyways. However, it can be a bit of a problem when I can't find my mouse or I want to handle something real quick.




I did a little digging and found out that the system was released in 2012 and normally comes with a 4GB RAM and 320 GB HDD. It also comes with a 2nd generation Corei5 2.6Ghz processor that runs an ancient Nvidia graphics card.

I tricked out mine a bit to have 6GB RAM and 500GB hard disk. For an 8-year-old laptop, I think it has done quite well for me. I've used this laptop to run software like ABAQUS for FEA analysis of birdstrike, play games like GTA which is like 60GB and handles all my day to day activities pretty well.

Sadly, the system seems to have slowed down, perhaps because of constant use for those simulations but that couldn't be helped. WHile running the simulation during my thesis, the system crashed a couple of times, and I wasn't even using tiny mesh sizes.

Due to this experience and my travails with using it for normal stuff without lagging, I decided that perhaps it was time to consider better options out there.

Tough Decision

So I'm now in the market for a new and improved laptop that will increase my efficiency and ensure I can run even more simulations in the near future. I divided the features I want in the new laptop into must haves and could haves in order of descending priority.

Must haves
  • SSD storage: Yup, I want that super speed. I'll be fine with anything between 256GB and 512GB.
  • Fair price: Getting a new laptop is out of the question because they're too darn expensive. So I'll be good with finding a decent second-hand system between $420-500.

The laptop is going to be purchased through my earnings on my @arsenal4life account where I post about my favourite football club, feel free to jerk me.

  • Quality Processor: I'll like something with at least 2.9Ghz and at least a Corei5

Could Have

  • Good graphics: I'm not really into gaming anymore but someone once told me that if you want a good laptop, just go for a gaming laptop. My current system has 2nd generation Nvidia graphics card, so I won't go below that "standard"
  • Sleeky: Yeah as much as I like the fact that my laptop is sturdy, it is also as heavy as a riot shield and me no likey. I'll like to get something sleek, lighter and prettier.
  • Be Younger: I'd also like to get a system that's a bit more modern. Preferably something that was released in the last 2-3 years would be fine by me since it'll have more modern parts and whatnot.

Fingers crossed

Inflation has affected the price of electronics in Nigeria since we import everything. Since I'm going to pay with crypto, I might not have to worry. I would ideally prefer to just straight-up pay with crypto, so if you know of any platform that enables this sort of transactions, please let me know.

I'll be looking up marketplaces like Amazon and eBay for good deals. I'll also look up local companies like jijiji and Jumia for any hits. Fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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