starts packing it's bags (full steam ahead on Hive)

This year PeakProjects team has put all our time and energy into along with some updates to (market for
The results have been awesome. We've added a long list of exciting new features meanwhile has stood still because 100% of our effort has been on and

It has become clear that will not be a priority for our team moving forward and so we're moving forward with a plan to sunset the site.


I suppose we don't really need to explain the reasons and many may be apparent but here's some of our thinking.


  • No plans for future development

  • Our team is not interested or personally invested in the Steem blockchain anymore

  • Desire to remove distractions from our focus on and Hive

  • Centralized Censorship of Steem (even of our own posts)

  • We have no sense of trust that even our post on Steem won't be censored

  • Lack of solid blockchain foundations and developers

  • Distinct lack of API options which are important to a website like SteemPeak or PeakD (And remaining node operators give a censored experience)

  • Lack of business plan for or interest in creating one since our focus is on better performing

  • If something were to break or a HF was to occur we wouldn't have the time to fix or upgrade.

  • We don't know how to contact any blockchain or node developers on Steem anymore

  • We do not speak the primary language of Steem users so we are not able to help efficiently

  • We prefer to Leave on a good note... not leave when it breaks or something else happens.

  • Most users have moved to even though there are some who still post on both sites.


  1. We plan to sunset the site completely at the end of 2020
  2. We will turn the site into view only mode by the end of November 2020
  3. We will make some changes that point visitors to content on or help content creators realize they can keep creating content here on PeakD/Hive


We reserve the right to change our mind if something drastic happens (this includes speeding up the process). We will let you know if this happens.

We also are willing to transfer the site to good hands. However, to set expectations to users; that is unlikely and would not be cheap proposition to a new owner as it comes with thousands of hours worth of code... so keep that in mind for expectations. But maybe someone wants to have a steempeak style site in Korean for Steem users who remain.

visit we have been developing new features all year long and have so much more to come.