HypnoFriday's! Week Two - A Night of Reflection:

Trezzahn's HypnoFriday's!

Hello all and welcome to yet another installment of HypnoFridays! Brought to you by myself, Trezzahn, and hopefully another accomplice in the future!

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Welcome to...

Week Two!

This week, we discus psilocybin infused tea, how to make such, and its' consumptual effects! Additionally, we delve into some new platforms of exploration, find new tunes, and explore our inner self!

Thus, without further adieu, let us get started!

The Workings, Creation, and Wonders of Psilocybin-Infused Tea

Initially, one must have some strain, and genus of dry mushroom containing psilocybin.

I refuse to call these "Magic" because of the stigma, but be it as it may, these are what one would consume for dosing like normal.

We are now essentially going to draw out all the psilocybin from these "magic" mushrooms, instead of making our body try and do it for us. Ultinately ensuring direct and known potency from a dose instead of a possibility at reaching peak potency if they were to be consumed dry, for example.

Furthermore, with this logic, it is clear in evidence that consumption through direct drawing out of psilocybin from mushrooms containing such via utilization of mushroom tea can sometimes result in a more potent dose, and a more enjoyable experience.

How to Make

The creation of mushroom tea through the following method is actually surprisibgly easy and should be utilized when a user wishes for a more bodily experience and sometimes an even higher visual one!

To start, weigh out your dry mushroom as per last weeks introduction on HypnoFriday (@trezzahn/hypnofridays-week-1),

  • keeping in mind that, through personal research, the extraction of psilocin and psilocybin into tea as opposed to dry consumption results in a higher level of potency; an approximate 20-30% increase, as per my own dosing and reporting personally suggests

With this in mind, one should weight out less dry to consume in their tea, as this can prove to be just as appropriate -varying by strain- when the tea is made comparable to regular consumption.

Personally, I stick to the following guidelines, after following my definitive basis for expected potency in Week One's chart:

1-1.5g dry-in-tea: Mild dose - Slight visual stimuli beginning; moderate to heavy body "load", referring to feeling of weight and perceptual changes begin

  • This is where one should begin when first venturing into tea territory (closer to 1g dry-in-tea)

1.5-2.5g dry-in-tea: Moderate dose - Heavy visual stimuli; heavy body load with loose feeling of perception; inner-examination and realizations can begin to occur here as well as slight to mild closed eye visuals

  • This is usually my go-to level for an adventerous dose!

2.5-3.5g dry-in-tea: Heavy dose - Open eyed visuals; feeling of body load but also of "weightlessness"; loss of general perception and motor control; ego-examination and dissacociation can occur at this level of dosing

  • This should only be attempted for experienced users wishing for a hefty experience.

3.5g+ dry-in-tea: Mind and Possible Life-Altering dose - full open and closed eye visuals; loss of some or all bodily and perceptual control; disassociation from self and ego-loss can occur at this level; depersonalization, which will be delved deeper into next week, may occur.

  • This level is only suggested for those wishing to make a change in their life or work through recovery.

The Tea

Onward, making this tea will prove not to be difficult if you follow these easy upcoming steps!

Sometimes, this initial step can be skipped and dry mushroom can soak completely to extraction. However, in some instances this may not prove enough due to density of the mushroom, or if powder not be used.

So, first, one should by means prepare their now weighed dry dose for grinding. This can be completed very easily and efficiently with use of a NutriBullet -my personal choice- but other methods may be effective!


After grinding this dry mushroom to a nice powder, we can now prepare our pouring station by utilizing... coffee filters of all things!

  • Set one cup aside and insert a coffee filter lining, curling back over the rims of the cup, and pushed down into the cup, essentially creating a filter for the cup that we are going to pour through with.

Next, second, one should bring approximately 1/4 to 1/3 cups of water to a boil, either with kettle, stove or other heat source.

  • While boiling, the now ground mushroom powder can be poured directly into a mug for filteration after saturation and extraction (preferably one with a spout).

  • After boiling -bubbling, be it may-, this hotter than normal (moreso than regular tea heat so as to maintain heat after the next lapse of time passes) 1/4 to 1/3 cup of water is to be poured over the ground up powder in the above mug, and then covered with aluminum foil.

Third, one should then stir the mixing cup 30 seconds every 5 minutes for 10 minutes initially, and then every 10 minutes for 20 minutes finally; ultimately equalling 30 minutes of time, and 4-5 good stirs at 30 seconds to ensure proper extraction of the psilocybin and psilocin from the powder!

Fourth, ensuring that the second cup has a coffee filteration overtop ready; the relatively hot mixture of extracted powder is to be poured through this coffee filter -holding the edges to ensure the cup stays covered the whole time and to ensure proper filtration!- to the point of the initial cup being empty of all leftovers and now have such in the second cups filter.

  • Once drained through of the water boiled initially, the coffee filter can then be lifted from the rim sides of the mug, and slowly without spillage made to look like a teabag by now tightening and closing the top of the filter, twisting, and ringing out of any excess liquid into our now filtered for preparation tea!

20210118_135101 (1).jpg

Fifth and lastly, the tea should have a yellow-green colouring to it, with the darker the tea is being the more potent it is relevant to water used. This filtered tea is now ready for some preperation!

  • Personally, I reccommend a teaspoon of Natural Organic honey be added to this mixture, along with one teaspoon of 10% Cream and one teaspoon of natural or cane sugar. Regular sugar would suffice as well but I like to think this way as fully natural.
    Congratulations, you've made yourself some mushroom tea! I'd say its' time to reap its benefits...

So let's begin!

The Dose

Well. Now that we've downed that semi-awful tasting mixture, we can enjoy its' workings on our body and mind!

Knowing this dose will affect our body moreso than last weeks', this will be a beauty of a trip.

Go take in the fresh air around you. Experience outside as the effects of your tea begin. Personally, I take this time to light some incense and meditate. I believe during the buildup, nature and less affecting sounds to be calming. Especially at the speed of which psilocybin effects emerge after consuming the tea - approximately 30mins -.

Let's start with some music as the effecta begin. We're going to have a good relaxing trip!

Begin with this;

Enjoy the beauty of this video. Listen to the strings; the bass; the melody... #Apparat has some amazing music and each and every one of the songs made is unique in some way or another.
The video itself is from a great German Television Series called "Dark", which I highly suggest one watches!


Dark can be streamed here: https://freemoviesfull.com/tv/watch-dark-38935

Watched an episode of the above or up to just relax and listen to some tunes?

Give this a listen.

You won't be disappointed.

Maybe listen to some tracks that follow suit and see where YouTube brings you? Who knows, maybe discover some new music!

Onward! Let's get some nice visuals going.

We should be 30-45 minutes into our dose now.

Give this a watch and focus on the visuals. Sit back and enjoy this marvel of a video and ravel in its' music to your ears:

Dan Deacon is an amazing composer and electric music artist. Being well known for audience participation during shows, Dan promises to never disappoint!

You can visit his website, find more information, and get tour dates, here: https://dandeacon.com/

Bryan Lewis Saunders is also another artistic mind that I enjoy following.

One of his more famous works, "Under the Influence, showcases the mental, bodily, perceptual, and ultimately, drastic changes different drugs, medicines, supplements, etc., have on the human body when consumed in excess.

Albeit I do not reccommend ANYONE try and compete or attempt to dose as much as this gent, as some of these portrayed artworks outlining substance used and their effects are often reached through overdose.

Forward, his pieces of art and project can be found here: https://dandeacon.com/#music


sourced: http://bryanlewissaunders.org/drugs/

Further, let's look at some outdoor photography I've done in an attempt to spark something creative for you!

Maybe a drawing, some artwork, or even just scribbling whatever you like.

Approaching the halfway point of your trip, try getting out what you're feeling. I know I'll be painting with canvas!




It's very pleasant to walk around - if comfortable with your environment - during your trip, and to examine the world around you.

I personally get better photos after dosing because I find myself more in-tune with the nature around me.

A great application for the identification of plants, shrubs and trees around you is "Picture This", found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.danatech.xingseus , ultimately doing the works of identification for you and providing interesting plant information, care insteuctions and much more!

#PictureThis also goes hand-in-hand with #PictureMushroom another exploratory application for mushroom and fungi identification, where "Picture Mushroom" does the same as the above app, but for foraging purposes provides information about fungi, bacterial growths and mushrooms! This can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glority.picturemushroom

Looking to further identify mushrooms and learn more information about specific genus and strains? Give #Shroomify a look see! "Shroomify", found here, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mushroom.shroomify , is a great help for myself when identifying mushrooms by eye and not picture. More advanced identification methods.

Now, we should be well past the midway point of our trip and I would like to introduce one of my favourite films.

Related to substance use, and abuse, Requiem for a Dream follows the stories of four drug-addicted yet ambitious people whose lives are changed from their use over time, whether medical or recreational street level.

This film really hits home for a lot of people and is an absolute masterpiece.

The main soundtrack, "Requiem for a Dream" or Lux Aeterna, is well known by many:

It can be streamed fully and safely here; https://freemoviesfull.com/watch-movie/watch-requiem-for-a-dream-10288.2510502

Retrieved from https://www.senscritique.com/film/Requiem_for_a_Dream/466346/images

Onward, we should be nearing the end of our night now! Hopefully your dose was/will be/is as enjoyable as mine!

Lastly, I will introduce a few small mini tasks you can complete for some little extra "this was productive" feelings!


photo courtesy of https://www.publish0x.com/earning-crypto-with-no-cost/the-pi-network-xxpypm

Looking for an interesting ways to generate passive income? Give "pi" a try, https://minepi.com/ a new crypto-token that is soon to become a networked coin!

Looking to back your assets? Stake, liquidate, position, or top up even?

Check out my tutorial and walkthrough for BackD,


This is a great new platform on the Kovan Ethereum Blockchain, utilizing KETH, here: @trezzahn/backd-increase-capital-efficiency-on-borrowed-assets

Additionally, there is also an expected MetaMask airdrop you'll be entered as a part of this airdrop additionally upon completion!

Well, hopefully this has been as enjoyable a night for you as for me!

I wish you the very best and implore you to post up some cool finds, images of fractals, or anything else hyonotic right on up here in the comments and I will for sure be periodically looking through them. Maybe get a conversation started?

For now I say, safe journeys through the mind and stay safe! Enjoy your night as I will enjoy mine, and thanks for tuning in to...

Trezzahn's HypnoFridays!

Thanks for sticking around!

  • Trezzahn

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