The Crypto Watcher - As an encrypted observer -

Are you sitting relaxed like my buddy Ali'ah Tusken Raider, and just observing the interesting moves of this #crypto market?

Maybe my buddy Ali'ah Tusken Raider knows something, while he's observing the whole movement of the market with his magic binocular ...


In this kind of scenarios, it's better just to sit and watch the entire trend of Fomo-ing the market ... and this will occur very soon, and right on the moment, when everyone will think that they are on the big wave of the ocean, like the wise princess Moana ... something might happen'and the waves will change their course ... but not for Moana :)


Hopefully that some people won't chase and shoot with bananas, while this crazyness inside the crypto space it's still rollin'like crazy ...

Maybe it would be fun, if they would treat it like a simple silly game, and no one will take it very personally ... then, it might be cool game, like my buddy minion here is playing with the sheriff of the encrypted market ...


Meanwhile, i'll continue my chit chat with my buddy Skellington :) who's relaxed, while he's reading and telling me the news about the market ...

The real news and future trends ...


Ciao a tutti

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