Being the Observer within the Matrix of the new era ...

In times, when we shall be strong, like my buddies here ... maybe a stroll within your Secret Garden of Eiwa will offer you the answers you've been looking for ...

We just need to be aware and look within our Matrix and the secret answers will reveal to us ...

Just be the Observer :)

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Sometimes, even when we walk inside an urban jungle or a desperate world on the brink of dissolving its old habits, which does not understand the Neo Renaissance Era through which we are stepping in in a fast tempo of 322 bpm ... maybe a message from within our Matrix will always be halpful and welcomed :)


Meanwhile, some would feel like a crazy ant, working everyday like a slave for some bread crumbs ...

I am still returning with my phrase ... Be the Observer ... that ant #created within Mother's Nature Matrix it's much more happy than you are ...

In the end of a creative process, you'll remain as an artist that will become the observer of its own #artwork ... almost like our buddy ElfSquash ...

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Maybe some of the following characters are one of your favorite ones ... that will inspire your lives.

As we all know, the edition of Marvel have started to be a major element within the lego world.

Therefore, i've thought that the following two characters will remind you some of the coolest vintage episodes of those Marvel magazines ...

All starts with a box ... as we all know that the magic of lego it's inside a box ... always.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-02 at 22.42.14 (3).jpeg

As you've realized, the main character is Spiderman ... represented by Miles Morales :)

I guess there is no child or even old ones who haven't seen this awesome movie, and maybe still has its own vintage Marvel editions of those magazines ...

I guess that these episodes were #created to be like a story for the very present Future ...

Maybe those things will start soon to become true ...

Meanwhile, every lego set starts with some small bricks within the magic box.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-02 at 22.42.14 (4).jpeg

We've had fun to #build this lego set from the major series of lego characters within this Marvel edition.

The final result came in a nice and interesting way.

Actually, i've thought that in this episode i should present two of those Marvel giants characters, therefore, the following one, you'll recognize right away ...

The awesome Thor ... from the Northern lands ...

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-02 at 22.42.14 (5).jpeg

These lego sets are kind of a precious edition to be kept in every lego nerd :)

These legendary characters will haunt the following generations ... hopefully in a positive way.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-02 at 22.42.14 (1).jpeg

The final result of these two giants of the Marvel series, are here:

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-02 at 22.42.14.jpeg

As i've specified above, maybe these series were meant to become true in times like we are living right now.

Soon i'll post new blogs with some other characters from these series.

I totally know that everyone knows or at least have seen one movie with them ...

I would like to see nerds with those vintage editions of Marvel magazines.

Ciao a tutti.

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