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"Hey fellows, this is my introduction post, hope you like it!"

Dungeon Dog Miniatures

"And the undead are marching across the land and terrorize the living!"


I'm a 3D Artist with a passion for printable miniatures who loves the Dungeons & Dragons Universe. So why not combine my passion with my profession and share it with the world ?


The Dungeon Dog adventure started with these skeltons!

After receiving my first 3D printer I had the idea to create a nice looking miniature for every character and monster our D&D group would run into, which either would deepen the immersion while playing or would give our group "artist" a nice opportunity for a painting session. Unfortunately most of the print files on the internet don't really fulfill my standard of quality, are way too pricey and mostly you won't even find what you seek for. Furthermore receiving print files from multiple sources will lead to minituares that have a different visual style. That brought me to the idea: "F*** it I will do it myself!"


My goal is to create printable minituare file packs for PLA and resin that will bring your Dungeons & Dragons adventures to the next level of immersion.




Because of the modular character of the files you can combine them for a high amount of variations.





Thanks for watching! If you are interested in my work, check out my Patreon and follow along on Instagram and Facebook to keep yourself updated.

Have fun and happy printing!

Dungeon Dog

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