These diamonds have been broken

There was joy our diamond body,
not that we had shine;
we thought we would never break.
We lived forever the briefest
flicker of moonlight settling
our bed at night & we loved
the sea's quiet rhythm our lungs.
There was no god greater
than our deification, no pantheon
stronger than our bond.
We were here being eternal
as the leaf, as the grass,
as the munching lips of bored goat.
What did we know of endings,
we who have never felt
the sharp beak of the syringe,
the cruel glint of chrome wheels
on flouresenced sterilized floors?
What did we know of the song bird
sleeping our throat waiting
for pain to teach us its song?
We were unbeatable.
We stood like the arrogance
of mountains uncaring
the gentle drip drop of water
eating away at its skin.
We did not know when the song
winged out our burdened throats.
We only heard the distance wilt
as our body walked bowed
towards her ending; everything dies,
she muttered to us.


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