Social Media Exposes Your Life Without a Key


Lock And Key, a Tanka Poem

Under lock and key
Are the secrets of one’s life
        Not seen by any;
Social media reveals
Your secrets without the key.


A Little Reflection

Too often, we give away our secrets with a click of a keystroke. What we look like. Where we live. Where we go. Who we hang out with.

We must realize the internet doesn’t forget. It’s a journal of one and zeros where all can observe the details of our lives. It tracks and traces our every move. Our annals written on servers in underground bunkers. Data mined and exploited — ready to serve to the highest bidders without our consent.

Once submitted, the data never fades. Our secrets survive online long after we die. Nothing online stays hidden; it’s there for the world to see.

originally posted on walkinverse


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