Autumn Leaves

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Every leaf that fell, spread across the floor, were yellow leaves, others green. Only with a slight touch of the wind, or even with the fine breeze that fell in the early morning, there they were adorning the path.

The beauty and color of the yellow leaves was so intense that everyone who passed by stopped to admire. The format of the drawings they made, there was nothing like it.

Each year, they seemed to want to show people that everything existed in the hands of GOD. There were so many leaves that it looked like a carpet, whose hands, had formed drawings, interacting with each other.

The trees were leafy, their trunks were thick, and not even an arm could embrace him.

Winter came and went, in the spring, they transformed, the leaves in abundance, seemed to multiply, causing the street to be filled with the beauty of the yellow leaves.

Often sitting on an old rough wooden bench, I meditated, and admired the autumn leaves. And I asked myself, how to make such a beauty.

The power of our creator, was responsible for those moments, which the eyes could be admiring. Anyway, I would never want that moment to end.

As time passed, the autumn leaves left me, lessons that I thank the creator for having learned them, just to feel them, and to see the fallen autumn leaves.

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