Life is beautiful...

Life is beautiful....

Take time to ponder
Over the countless visible creatures
They are part of the perfection
And revelation of the beauty
That reside in the universe.

The water, the land and the air
Are parts of nature
That creatures find their exploitation

Indeed, the world is beautiful
for mans power to extract
from nature
to adorn nature with nature

The world is ugly
for mans power to extract
from nature
and destroy nature with nature

we make war and peace
and live in happiness or sadness

The peace and comfort assume a soul
is her inner beauty and her own world
This is her reflection
in the world that seems enormous
and the beauty he sees in the universe

The war, a mind fights
when unrest
is the manifestation of her own world
and her perception of the larger world

The beauy and ugliness in life
are what you create from it.
And remember
the comfort a home lacks
cant be found in the society.

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