The Earth's Life Blood (Senryu) - A Month of Daily Poems (Day 11)

Image by James Armbruster from Pixabay

On dust drenched prairies
mech-mosquitoes drain the dregs
of the earth's life blood.


The title picture in this post, and the Senryu poem inspired by it, sparked thoughts about the limiting aspects of how capitalism drives industry to consume resource based on 'the bottom line' (maximum profit for company and shareholders). The oil industry in the modern day is a prime example of greed trumping good sense. With the planet at a critical point - or possibly beyond the point of no repair - it seems ludicrous to tap fossil fuel any further as our major resource for energy production when there are green alternatives.

I am not so naive to think this is an easy fix. I understand that the continued use of fossil fuels is driven by complex economical issues and gaps in wealth on a global scale. Some countries have no choice but to take the cheapest option to source their energy as they have national debt to service. However, I do think that the balance and weight of power through economical maneuvering and politics will destroy our planet if something drastic doesn't change.

Maybe we need an AI to make the decisions when it comes to laws and global consensuses to combat pollution that threatens the continuation of our species on a planetary level? The first AI chancellor for the environment. Wouldn't that be ironic if we were saved from destroying our organic habitat by a synthetic being created from the raw materials that make up that environment.

A silicon savior đŸ˜‚

Perhaps it would be more likely that an AI chancellor for the environment would rightly assess the biggest threat to the environment as the human race, then simply wipe us out and wait for the next evolutionary stage of insect life... but I'm going off on a tangent. I need to write that idea into a pitch for a script đŸ˜‚

I honestly think that in years to come oil will be known as the first in a line of many substances that sparked the resource wars. Ha ha, a little apocalyptic I know but we already see the major super powers of this planet buying up interests in foreign water.

Thanks for reading.

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